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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ke-yish Samchooo~n

It was Kris’ birthday. His first birthday after his marriage.
He wanted to spend it only with his wife. He even took a day off.
But a four year old toddler came into the scene and ruined his supposed to be perfect day.


A/N: This is my second attempt writing about Kris. I originally wanted to post Walking Towards Me first, but this is very tempting to be written! (Furthermore, I still have not done writing Walking Towards Me). So, I hope you enjoy!

Ke-yish Samchooo~n

Kris looked at himself in the mirror and dried his hair. He smiled to his reflection. Today was his birthday, his first birthday after getting married to his one and only love, Yoohee. They were going to spend the day together, with no disturbance from anyone else. He declined his parents’ invitation to have lunch over at their house, he refused Lu Han’s free tickets for his musical show, and he even took the day off. He just wanted to be with his wife, and only with her. She had suggested they should go to the amusement park to celebrate the day, and though he found it sounded a little too childish, he decided to comply. ‘Maybe she wanted to reminisce about the old days,’ he thought, since they went to the amusement park for their first date.

His smile didn’t last long. He heard the bell rang, and some voices that sounded somehow familiar. ‘Who the heck trying to ruin my day,’ he grunted. He did his best to fix himself as fast as he could and ran out of his room. The moment he stepped out of his room, he knew the day was officially ruined.

“Ke-yish Samchooo~n!”

Kris saw a toddler in his wife arms tried to wiggle free. His face fell as the toddler had a wide, cheerful smile plastered on. “Ke-yish Samchooo~n!” the toddler sang as he ran towards Kris.

Half-heartedly, Kris took the toddler into his arms. “It’s ‘Uncle Kris’, how many times I should repeat it.”

“Ke-yish Samchooo~n!” Junseok repeated eagerly, made the tall man rolled his eyes. His wife laughed at the scene.

“Who brings you here, anyway?”

“Jongdae dropped him a few minutes ago. He said Minseok Oppa suddenly has an emergency meeting and asked him to take care of Junseok. But since Jongdae has class today, he can’t do it so he brings him over.” Yoohee explained while caressing Junseok in her husband’s arms.

“Doesn’t that Fatty Bun hire a baby sitter?”

“She quitted last week, remember? And Sujin Onni is still on her business trip.” She took Junseok from his hands. “Have you had your breakfast, Junseok?”

Junseok nodded, and from what Kris could comprehend, he said he had a glass of milk and two sandwiches. “You are really your father’s son, you know, Xiao Bao. You two never eat less than two portions.” He ruffled the toddler’s hair, earning whines from the toddler and looks from his wife.

“Don’t listen to Uncle Kris, Junseok. He’s just being moody.” She took the toddler’s hands. “What do you want to do for today?”

“Zoo!” Junseok exclaimed, clapping his hands. “Zoo!”

“Okay, we will go to the zoo today! What do you want to see at the zoo?” Yoohee beamed at the excited toddler.

Kris groaned loudly. “But we are going to amusement park!” He protested. Though his day had been ruined, but he just couldn’t let the day to be completely ruined. He thought that at least they had to manage to go to the amusement park, no matter what.

“But there won’t be much attraction that Junseok could play at the amusement park.” She reasoned out.

“But there is! Or we can just go to the arcade or enjoy the confections.” He insisted. For Kris, it started to feel like a battle between him and the four year old toddler. A battle of pride, a battle to win Yoohee’s heart. Kris knew Yoohee loves him so much, but he also knew that she has soft heart to kids. Furthermore, Junseok is very special to her since he is her very first nephew. He could sense that Little Bun would win this ‘battle’; and he disliked it so much.

Junseok wailed as Kris kept disagreeing with his idea. He hugged Yoohee’s legs. Yoohee sighed.

“Kris, can’t we just go with what Junseok wants this time?” she stroked his left cheek.

Kris pouted. “But this is my birthday!”

“I know, Darling. I’m so sorry. Let’s go to the zoo, okay?” she whispered softly.

He turned his back to her. ‘Okay. The great, cool, almighty Kris lost to a fatty, little Bun.’ He sulked.

Yoohee reached him and turned his head to face her. She pecked his pouting lips. “Come on Darling, for me?”

“You got to let me kill that darn Fatty Bun after this.” He hissed.

She chuckled at his remark. “I love you so much, you know that right?” she pecked him once more before taking Junseok to get ready for the zoo.


“I will never ever take Junseok out anymore!” Kris exclaimed as he threw his body to the bed. “Even though you plea, cry, or do whatever, I will never give in. I don’t want to deal with Xiao Bao for a whole day in the future!” he folded his arms.

His wife climbed into their bed slowly. “But you were great today. You see, there were lots of people praised you as a perfect dad. You took a very good care on Junseok.” She settled herself in his embrace.

“Tch. And I almost die of exhaustion. He made me run here and there, and when he wasn’t running, he wanted me to carry him. And he just had to see all the animals in the zoo! It’s not like it’s the first time he visited the zoo, why does he have to see all of them? And how could he know we haven’t visited the tiger yet, while he had seen so many animals?”

She listened to his rants while stroking his broad chest.

“And what the heck, I thought he likes you more than me? Why did he stick with me all day long and refused your offer to carry him?”

“Maybe because it feels safer when you’re carrying him? You know, I am easy to tremble when I carry him.” She hinted on the toddler’s weight.

“Tch. I bet he just played pranks on me; he just wanted me to get tired.”

“Or maybe he wants to always be with his good-looking, cool uncle.”

Kris grinned at her tease and stopped complaining. “Anyway, if that Fatty Bun ever asks us to take care of the Little Bun, let’s just drop him at a daycare.”

“You are so mean.” She grinned along. “I don’t know you are such a great father, though.”

“I take that as an insult, Darling.” His tone suddenly went serious.

She tilted her head in confusion.

“How can someone as good-looking, cool and charming as me have a bun cheeks child?” he said, still in the same serious tone.

Yoohee burst into laughter. “You are right; your child must inherit that cockiness of yours.”

“You have problem having a child with a gorgeous face like me?”

She laughed louder. “As long as he or she is not cockier than you, I think I can handle it.”

He pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead. “You owe me my birthday. You have to take a day off tomorrow and spend the day only with me.”

Yoohee wiggled. “Well, even if there is no Junseok, I don’t think I can spend tomorrow only with you.”

“What are you talking about?” he sat up and folded his arms. “Instead of presents, all I got for my birthday is suffering. And now you don’t want to grant my wish?” He sulked again.

“Wait a minute. Junseok’s cousin wants to give you something.” She reached the drawer and took out an envelope. She handed it to Kris.

“What is it?” Kris opened it curiously.

“Junseok’s cousin wants to say hello to you.”

It turned out to be a photo. An ultrasonographic photo. Kris stared at it blankly for a few moments before he realized that ‘Junseok’s cousin’ would be a substitution word for ‘his child’. He looked at his wife who was beaming.

“Junseok’s cousin says, ‘Hello, Daddy’.”

Kris pulled his wife into his embrace. “Oh Darling, is this really happening? I’m going to be a dad?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes, congratulations, Daddy Kris.” She spoke softly in his ear. Kris shouted in joy and hugged her even tighter.

The sound of her mobile phone ringing disturbed their peaceful moment. She reached for her mobile phone on the nightstand. He groaned, not wanting to let her go.

“Oh, Jongdae, what’s up?” she put her mobile phone between her and her husband so that he could listen to the conversation as well.

“Noona, I’m on your doorstep. I can’t stand Junseok anymore. He’s been throwing tantrum and giving me headache. I have tests tomorrow and I need to study so please, open your door Noona. I’m there with Junseok and his things.” Jongdae explained quickly.

Yoohee looked at Kris with rounded eyes. “Oh! Well… but where’s Minseok Oppa?”

“Hyung called me and said he suddenly had to stay over at the office. Tch, I know I shouldn’t let him forced me move in to his apartment while Sujin Noona is away!” Jongdae grumbled. “Oh come on, Noona, quick open the door, Junseok is wailing again!” Jongdae groaned.

“Okay, I’m going, wait a second.” She rose from the bed, but Kris held her wrist.

“Where are you going?”

“Darling, didn’t you hear? Jongdae and Junseok are outside and Junseok is wailing. You know your cousin needs to pass his exams well so he can graduate this year.”

“But…” Kris pouted again.

“Let’s just treat this as training before you get to take care of Junseok’s cousin, okay Daddy Kris?” She pecked him and went out of their bedroom.

Kris hung his head low, defeated. “That darned Little Bun.” He cursed under his breath.


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