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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jealous Myungsoo

Myungsoo can’t understand her. It’s his birthday. Shouldn’t he be the one to receive those kisses and hugs instead of that particular big, fluffy thing?

I gave it to her because I know how much she loves teddy bear. In order to please her, I got her a teddy bear as her birthday gift this year. To make it even more special, I got her a very big one, so she can hug it and think of it as my replacement when I can’t be by her side. Underline that, when I can’t be by her side.

Jealous Myungsoo

I know how much Jung Yoohee loves teddy bear. All of her accessories are in form of that fat, fluffy bear. She had two big boxes full of teddy bear dolls, but her parents gave them off to an orphanage near her Dad’s office the day we graduated from junior high school (I still remember clearly how she suddenly barged into my house with a bag of clothes and declared she ran away from her house. She also begged my parents to let her stay in our house as long as she’s boycotting her parents without telling them where she’s staying at. Of course, my parents let her stay, but the next morning, I found her parents joining us for breakfast).

That’s why I decided to give her a big teddy bear doll for her birthday this year. You know the teddy bear that Han Jungwoo brought from US in the first episodes of I Miss You? It’s slightly smaller than that teddy bear. It will not block your sight when you hug it, instead, you will look like hugging a big, fat, fluffy toddler. Yoohee kept telling me how she wanted that teddy bear so much when I accompanied her watching the drama a few months ago. Then when March was coming, I figured that teddy bear would be a suitable gift for her (I don’t know why but she never buys any teddy bear dolls since that incident on our graduation day).

When she jumped to me and showered me with kisses, I knew it was the perfect gift. Her smile never faded of her face for the rest of the day. While her left hand was hugging the big bear, her right hand didn’t let my hand go even for a second. When she said “Have a good rest and dream about me, Oppa” the time I turned my back after I dropped her in front of the door, my smile reached my ears. Yoohee has always refused to call me Oppa because I am 10 days younger than her (and I secretly thank God that she never asks me to call her Noona. However, I still hate the fact I am the one who was born at March 13). You cannot imagine how happy I was. Somehow I feel like a real man when she calls me Oppa.

You may think how childish she is, being 21 years old yet still loves to play with dolls. Let me tell you that you are wrong. My Yoohee is not childish; she’s an upright, loyal woman who is not afraid to take a risk (She accepted my proposal when we were 18. We got married on our high school graduation day because three days after that I was enlisted to military service).

The teddy bear was a perfect gift. Can you underline and bold the fourth word of my previous sentence? Yes, thank you. It was a perfect gift, since it made her happy and all and even called me Oppa. Now, I regret giving her that damned fat, fluffy brownie thing.

“Myungsoo, what are you doing? Dinner is ready!” she calls me. I turn the TV off and walk slowly to the dining room. I spot that damned brownie sitting on Dad’s chair.

My parents intentionally left our house since they knew Yoohee would come and stay the whole day to celebrate my birthday. It is my first birthday after I was released from military service (and practically my first birthday I spent with her after our marriage). Dad whispered to me he has been longing to play football with his grandchildren, hinting what I should do to get her into the mood (pervert Dad!). I will not follow his stupid ideas, anyway. There’s a reason why we still live separately in our respective parents’ house. She wants to live with her parents until she finishes college. It is her only condition when she accepted my crazy proposal. I know that implicitly she wanted to say she didn’t want to have children before she finish her undergraduate program. I respect it, of course. If she can wait for me for two years, why can’t I?

“How is it? Does it match to your liking?” Yoohee asks, her eyes rounds in full anticipation.

I take another spoon before answering her question. “Don’t worry babe, anything you cook will taste like first class food for me, even if it’s only instant ramyeon.” I give her my sweet smile and she blushes in instant, mumbling something that sounds like “Greasy foolish”. Well, I’m only a greasy foolish for you, babe.

I am about to ask her for another bowl of rice (yes, I eat a lot, mind you) when I see her reaching to that brown bear and place it on her lap. Damn! Isn’t it enough for that damned fat thing to sleep in her arms every night? I know something is going to be wrong the moment I saw that teddy bear when I opened the door for her in the morning. When we were watching DVDs earlier, she kept nuzzling to the bear instead of me. Yeah, she turned her attention to me when I tried to kiss her and we got to cuddle, but it didn’t last more than ten minutes. And now, it sits on her lap, receiving kisses and intimate touches from her while I, her legitimate husband, can only watch it with blood flowing to a certain organ of my body. Damn. I officially declare war with that fat, fluffy thing.

I remain quiet during the dinner; give her a few comments so that she knows I’m listening to her stories about her college life. In my head, I am arranging revenge to that fat, fluffy thing. Just wait, you damned bear. I will snatch Yoohee’s full attention back.

Yoohee goes to the kitchen to do the dishes after we finish our dinner. I tell her I’m going out to throw away some garbage. I see her frowning at my excuse, but she shrugs it off. When she pours her concentration in cleaning all the dishes, I grab the bear sitting on her chair. Quickly but quietly, I go out of my house and head to the security post outside the apartment building. One of the guards, Mr. Nam, looks at me weirdly, but when I say that the bear is a gift from me and Yoohee for his daughter, who has just celebrated her birthday yesterday, he becomes so happy that he even bows a few times to me, making me uncomfortable (actually, I plan to just leave the bear at the entrance door, but I guess it will earn me strange looks from people. This brilliant idea pops up in my genius brain as I see the security post outside the building. I remember Mr. Nam told me that one little detail when we met yesterday).

As soon as I step back into my house, I’m welcomed with a panic Yoohee. She walks back and forth in the living room. I grab her shoulders to calm her down and suddenly she looks at me with accusing eyes.

“Where do you put my teddy bear?” she shoots right to the point, makes me speechless.

“Uh, oh…” I don’t expect her to find out so soon. I haven’t prepared any alibi. But I guess I have to tell her the truth. There’s no point to lie to her, moreover, it’s not going to be pretty if she finds out I lie to her.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Kim Myungsoo?” she sighs as she plops herself down on the sofa. “You get jealous over a teddy bear? An inanimate object?” she asks in disbelief. “And to think that you are the one who gave me that!” she folds her arms.

I sit next to her. “It’s because you pay too much attention to it than to me!” I start whining. “You nuzzled to it, showered it with kisses—“

“I kiss you so many times!” she protests.

“—you sleep with it.” I say in firm tone. You can’t counter this one, babe~

She looks away. I can see her cheeks start blushing. “W-well... That’s—that’s different case.” She mumbles. “It’s not like we can—“

Slowly, I settle myself on her lap. Her eyes widen in shock the moment she realizes how intimate our position is (the furthest we’ve ever done was only kissing—with no tongue war involved). I position both my hands so her head can’t go anywhere. I stare intently into her eyes.

Yoohee tries to push me away gently. I can feel her warm hands on my chest, but I don’t care. Let me show you that nobody (or nothing) can mess with Kim Myungsoo, babe.

I lean in closer and she pushes her head back to keep some ‘safety’ distance. “You put it on your lap; you hug it so closely; you let it feels your body… Things that even I, your legitimate husband, hasn’t done to you yet.” I purposely whisper the words slowly, phrase by phrase, to incite a more dangerous impact. I can feel the air is tensed already.

She avoids my eyes. “Myungsoo—“ Her soft voice, vulnerable look, and nervous state drive me more to the edge. Man, I only wanted to tease her but what is this… I’m the one who’s falling to my own trap.

Maybe I should make Dad’s dream comes true.

I trail kisses on her cheek and pull her into my embrace. “Let me do what I should have done since a long time ago, babe.” I whisper softly to her ear. Actually I’m afraid I will unconsciously force her to agree since she isn’t in a position where she can defend herself. My consciousness is running thin, you know (I wish she won’t hate me for not keeping my promise).

I pull away to search for agreement in her eyes. Come on babe, please, I need you. I don’t say anything; just stare at her in a good silence.

Then suddenly she whispers back. “I love you, Myungsoo.”

Okay. Here it is. You’re gonna be the happiest wife in the world, Yoohee, I guarantee. I lock our lips together and slide my hand to carry her to my bedroom.

Just when I think I can have my wife all for myself, the damned bell just have to ring. I try to ignore it and keep walking towards my bedroom while still locking her lips with mine. But the bell keeps ringing, and it’s even followed by some banging on the door.

Reluctantly, I break off our kiss and set her down. Yoohee looks at me questioningly. I shrug. I don’t know either, babe.

Hands intertwined with each other, we go to the door. She pushes the intercom to see who’s in front of the door.

“Hey son! Can you open the door for us? Your Mom didn’t bring her key and I lost mine!” I see Yoohee chuckles on my grinning dad before entering the pass code. I face palm myself.

I thought you want to have grandchildren soon, Dad.


A/N: A oneshot to commemorate my and Myungsoo's birthday! DON’T be angry with me for such an ending! Hahaha :D I just thought… they (especially Yoohee) need to finish their college first before having babies~~

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