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Monday, November 5, 2012

Resisting the Irresistible


Kris just can’t resist the irresistible. No matter how high he put up his guardian all this time, he just can’t win against her…


A/N: Third attempt on Kris! (But I still haven’t finished my first attempt yet ^^) This oneshot is to celebrate Duizhang's first birthday as EXO-M's leader. Happy #DuizhangKrisDay dear Li Jiaheng/K.Li/Kevin Li/Kevin Wu/Wu Yifan/Kris!

Resisting the Irresistible

“Get up, Yoohee.” Kris tone was stern. “I need to study. I have test tomorrow.” Actually, he didn’t really need to study since he had reviewed the material with Minseok yesterday, but he wanted to study—to save him from something.

 “No.” Yoohee said firmly as she kept lying on the bed. She extended her hands and wiggled them.

“I said get up, Yoohee.” He said louder, in a more demanding tone.

“No! This is so comfy and fluffy and I really like it and since I’m sleepy I want to sleep here.” She exclaimed, snuggled her head to the pillow. It’s not like her own bed was not comfortable, but this was Kris’ bed, in his bedroom, and it had Kris’ scent all over it. She inhaled deeply, tried to fill her lungs with his scent.

“For heaven’s sake, get up from the bed right now, Park Yoohee!” Kris clutched his fits. It took him everything to stay still at where his feet were planted and not jump to his bed, hovering at the girl who was enjoying his bed. He was sure she fully understood why he wanted her to get up; that’s why he couldn’t understand why the girl was so stubborn.

 “Tonight I’m sleeping here. If you want to study for your test without any disturbance, you may use my room.” she rolled and buried her face on his pillow. As she did so, her shirt revealed a bit of her back. Kris felt his breath hitched.

“Yah, Park Yoohee, please have some mercy…” upon hearing his weak voice, she automatically turned and searched for his face. She waited for his next words.

“Go home, Yoohee. It’s dark already.” He pleaded.

She instantly pouted. “You don’t like having me around you?”

He heaved a sigh. “You know that’s not the case.”

“Then why?” she whined as she sat and looked at his eyes intently. “Why can’t I be in your room? I’m your wife, for goodness sake!”

Out of blue, in flash Kris crawled onto the bed and pushed her back, hovered over her small body. Yoohee’s eyes widened as his face were only millimeters away. His eyes… She had never seen him looking at her this way. His breath tickled her face. She could feel the air tensed. Her cheeks were slowly burning, her insides were turning over, and her legs went weak. She tried to shift her gaze from his eyes only to land at his lips, which suddenly seemed so luscious, so succulent, and so… kissable. She couldn’t bear the tension. She wanted to have those lips brushing hers; she wanted to know how it would feel to be one with him…

“This is exactly why you can’t be in my room even though you are my wife. Especially when my parents are away and it’s dark already.” Kris muttered in low tone. He pulled away, leaving Yoohee in shock. “I don’t know how much longer I can control myself, Yoohee, so please… go home.” He caressed her face gently.

Kris’ and Yoohee’s fathers were best friends since their childhood. Ever since they were young, they had a dream to have their children to marry to each other. They were more than ecstatic when their wives agreed and found the kids—Kris and Yoohee—didn’t oppose the idea. They planned the marriage to be held right after Yoohee graduated from high school (“So we don’t have to wait for so long to play with our grandchildren”).

However, things didn’t always go on as planned. Yoohee’s father died three months ago because of an accident. Even though they could make it with the inheritance Mr. Park left, with Yoohee being the only child, Kris’ parents and Yoohee’s mother decided to speed up the wedding. So, here they were, being married for a month already but not living under the same roof. Since it’s still four months away from Yoohee’s graduation, as much as their desire to have grandchildren soon, they decided it’s the best for Yoohee and Kris as well to concentrate and finish their studies first. That’s why Kris, being four years older than his wife, always avoided staying in his or her bedroom together with her. He put his control up all the time because the lovely wife of his just didn’t know how her little actions could crazily drive him to his end.

Just like that night. She said she stopped by only to check up on him since his parents went out of the town to visit his grandparents, but she ended up barging to his room and enjoyed his bed a little too much.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home.” He kissed the top of her head tenderly and went to search for his car keys, but she held his wrist. He raised his eyebrow.

“Aren’t I your wife?” she asked seriously.

“What is it this time, Yoohee? Come on, I’ll drive you home and I should study after that… You know I have test tomorrow.”

“Aren’t I your wife?” she repeated her question as she pulled his hand so he’s sitting in front of her.

“Yes, and in case you forget, I love you so much.” He answered. His mind was busy guessing what’s going in her head.

“Then why can’t I stay here with you? Why can’t we live together like other normal couples?” she asked, her fingers playing with his.

“You know why, Yoohee. Just four more months, then we can be together. If I can endure it, then you can do it as well.” He soothed her hair with his other hand. “And it’s not like we don’t see each other every day. I always take you to school, remember?”

“Can’t I spend the night here? Just for tonight?” she pleaded. “You know, I had a hard day today. I need your comfort.” She looked at him with sad eyes. “Nothing went right today.”

Kris’ eyes softened. “Oh, my Yoohee… want to tell me what bugging you?” he pulled her to his embrace. Kris knew very well that Yoohee likes to be hugged. Every time she felt nervous, down, angry, or happy, she needed to be hugged to calm herself. He patted her back gently.

“My teammate messed up the presentation I have worked so much for. I didn’t want to be teamed up with her since the beginning because I knew it would turn out like this, but since the groups were created by the teacher, I couldn’t do anything.” She explained. “All my work the last four weeks had gone for nothing.”

Kris continued patting her back. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything about that. But I believe your hard work will not go in waste. Your teacher will be able to see you have put your all in this task.” he kissed her hair. “As practice will not betray you, your sweats won’t betray you, trust me.” He was so into consoling her that he didn’t see what’s coming on its way.

“You know, you smelled so nice.” Yoohee commented randomly. She nuzzled her head closer to his neck. “I like your scent.”

As Yoohee’s breath reached his neck, Kris froze. His entire body went tensed. He knew he didn’t have much control left in him; furthermore, he hadn’t fully recovered from his so-called attack earlier. He didn’t want to push her away since she was in bad mood and he didn’t want to make her feel rejected, but he knew he couldn’t last long. Slowly, so slowly, he let go of her and pulled away.

Just as their faces were centimeter apart, Yoohee leaned in and did an unexpected thing.

She kissed him. Right on the lips. Not just an innocent lip locking where she gently brushed her lips over his. She even licked his bottom lips, asking for an entrance—

Kris pulled back abruptly. “Yah,” his breath was uneven, his face was beet red, “what do you think you are doing?!” he asked in a supposed-to-be-annoyed tone.

Yoohee pouted. “What? Now I even can’t kiss my husband?”

Kris exhaled heavily. He forced himself to look at her eyes but he was so tempted by her plump lips. “You have no idea what you are dragging yourself into.” He said in a dangerously low tone. He could feel his control getting thinner each second. He desperately needed to get out of this tension and get some cold water.

“What am I dragging myself into?”

He hated how she seemed so innocent, yet she always put him into troubles. Well, he might as well drag her into this trouble, then. “If you don’t get out of my room in ten seconds, you may get pregnant. You are not afraid?”

“Why should I? It’s not like I’m pregnant with some random guy.” She stuck out her tongue.

“But you are a high school student.”

“And I’m married.”

“What if you really get pregnant before you graduate?”

“Well, I have you.” Yoohee looked at him lovingly. “I will be fine as long as I have you.”

Kris groaned wholeheartedly. He stared at the younger before him, searching for some reassurance.

“I love you.”

That was when Kris realized that the one he had married with was one particular irresistible woman. The one he could never resist, forever.


A/N (again): And that was the end. We should leave Kris and Yoohee to enjoy their little adventure.
I wish you enjoy reading this. Please let me know what you think about this Kris’ and Yoohee’s short of episode. Happy #DuizhangKrisDay everybody! May our dear Kris have wonderful years  ahead with EXO <3

with love,

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