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This is nizzyool, finally creating a blog for my fictions. You may find me at Asianfanfics, AsianFanFiction, or Winglin with the same username. I'm Indonesian, currently going to University of Indonesia, majoring in Korean Language and Culture.

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-because every steps started with one little step.

List of Works

This list will be updated regularly.
Last update: 3.3.13


Love in the Ice || DBSK Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, JYJ Park Yoochun
Yunho meets Yoochun in an unexpected time after the lawsuit.

Like Always || Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao
Jun hangs out with Mao and she brings him to a pet shop. What happens next is like always...

New Home || JYJ Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu
The three finally move into a new house.

Wrong Number || DBSK Shim Changmin
Changmin tries to call his hyung, but he only gets the wrong number.


How I Become A Key || SHINee Key
Kim Kibum gets mad at her bestfriend because she didn't vote for him--but that's the beginning of everything.

Interrogated || DBSK Changmin, Super Junior Siwon, SHINee Key, 2AM Jinwoon
She is just a common K-pop fan girl who eventually grows bigger interest in Changmin, Siwon, Key, and Jinwoon--but how come those four boys are right in front of her eyes at this very moment?

Interrogated II || DBSK Changmin
Changmin comes again. This time he's only alone.

Jealous Myungsoo || Infinite Myungsoo
Myungsoo can’t understand her. It’s his birthday. Shouldn’t he be the one to receive those kisses and hugs instead of that particular big, fluffy thing?

Ke-yish Samchooo~n || EXO-M Kris
It was Kris' first birthday after his marriage. He wanted to spend it only with his wife, but a four year old toddler came into the scene. 

Lean on Me || Super Junior Siwon
She is about to break, then Siwon comforts her.

Morning Coffee || 2AM Jinwoon 
Jinwoon just couldn’t stand not bugging this girl during her special time every day. She shoved him away like every other day (because her coffee is always way more important than him).

Midnight Coffee || 2AM Jinwoon
Things are different now between Jinwoon and his Little One, but some things are never changed.

Protecting || DBSK Yunho, Changmin
Yunho loves the four of them very much to the point he’s willing to sacrifice himself. So he does what he thinks a leader should do.

Resisting the Irresistible || EXO-M Kris
Kris just can’t resist the irresistible. No matter how high he put up his guardian all this time, he just can’t win against her… 

Same as You || DBSK Changmin, IU
Everything is never the same after the wedding photo shoot for one of Heroe's episode..


Birthday Presents [completed] || 2AM Jung Jinwoon, Im Seulin, B1A4 Jung Jinyoung, DBSK Jung Yunho
prologue || chapter 1 || chapter 2 || chapter 3

Get Married, Dara! [completed] || 2NE1 Sandara Park, Big Bang G-Dragon, MBLAQ Park Cheondung
prologue ||  chapter 1 || chapter 2 || chapter 3 || chapter 4 || chapter 5 || chapter 6 || chapter 7
Sandara Park is the head of her family after her father passed away. The only thing she has in mind is working hard to earn money so she can afford a good life for her mother and Sanghyun. She has a next door neighbor, who is playful and declared and declared to the world he loves Sandara when he was ten, named Kwon Jiyong. Her life is peaceful--then suddenly her mother asks her to get married.

Signs [completed]  || Agnes Monica, 2AM Jung Jinwoon, Jung Jihoon, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung
prologue || chapter 1 || chapter 2 || chapter 3 || chapter 4 || chapter 5 || chapter 6 || chapter 7 || chapter 8
Agnes Monica is brought by her brother-slash-manager to Korea in order to start her international career. During her days in Korea, she finds a cafe where all the waiters are hot single males. She also experiences some more heartbreaks--but it will be ended with one bold sign.

Unforgettable Gift || Im Seulin, 2AM Im Seulong, 2AM Jung Jinwoon, 2PM Ok Taecyeon
prologue || chapter 1 || chapter 2 || chapter 3 || chapter 4 || chapter 5 || chapter 6 || chapter 7 || chapter 8 || chapter 9 ||
Im Seulong, the delinquent; Jung Jinwoon, the everybody's favorite; and Ok Taecyeon, the Cassanova. The three of them somehow, in some different ways, play important roles in the life of Im Seulin. Her only brother-slash-hero has always takes a very good care of her, but suddenly he's unable to perform his silly but sweet over-protectiveness. He manages to bring back the man of her dreams standing in front of her face again; however, it turns out he has made his best friend promise him to take care of her on his behalf if something unwanted ever happened.