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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like Always

“Jun-chan, look!”

I turn to see her holding a puppy. Goosebumps start crawling on my skin. I should’ve never agreed coming here, but what can I do? She wins the pleading war, like always.

“It’s pretty, right? Isn’t it cute? Wanna touch it?” She walks towards me and holds out the puppy in her arms. I move backwards but I realize the wall is behind and I have nowhere to escape.

“Mao,” I plead but I know instantly it’s not gonna work, like always. She put it on my chest and forces both my hands to hold it.

“MAO!” I cry. I bet she can see my pale face goes paler, but I know she doesn’t care. Like always. She laughs all her heart instead. Oh, like always.

“It will not harm you, Jun-chan~ Come on, touch it!” She forces my left hand to caress the brown puppy. “See? It’s cute, isn’t it?” she beams.

Oh yeah, as long as I can see those sparkling eyes, I won’t mind. Even if this stupid allergic may send me to hospital later, I don’t care. As long as I can see her beams like always.

That’s my final wish, God, will you grant it?

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