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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unforgettable Gift prologue


Im Seulong may be a delinquent, but on the top of all, for Im Seulin, he is her hero.

Jung Jinwoon is simply everybody's favorite. And Im Seulin thinks so, too.

Ok Taecyeon acts all Cassanova all the time, but at a point he doesn’t want Seulin think of him as a Cassanova. 

The three of them somehow, in some different ways, play important roles in the life of Im Seulin.

Though her super busy parents were never there for her, she was always taken a very good care by her only brother. She developed a kind of dependance on him. Then what would happen when her hero suddenly unable to perform his silly but sweet over-protectiveness?

A moment before that unforgettable time, he brought a man of her dreams back standing in front of her face.

It turned out her hero also managed to make his best friend to promise him to take care of her on his behalf if something unwanted ever happened.

Then the story begins...


Im Seulin,19

She isn't a girl who is always be #1 at class, but she is clever enough that she has never been out of the top three. She went to school a year early, that's why she was Jinwoon's classmate. She tries to live her life happily and enjoys all attention she got from the pack.

Im Seulong, 24

He looks like--and is a delinquent, but he treasures friendship and very loyal. He is overprotective when it comes to Seulin. He has a pack consists of him, Seulin, Taecyeon, Changmin, Jo Kwon, and Gain. Aside of the pack, he and Taecyeon also join a motor club. He goes everywhere with his lovely Honda CSR and minds to slow down.

Jung Jinwoon, 20

He was the Ims' nextdoor neighbour. He is decent and has calming smile. Jinwoon is simply everybody's favorite. He loves plantations as much as basketball. He is the Prince Charming with line eyes.

Ok Taecyeon, 24

Seulong's bestfriend. Apart of the pack, Taecyeon and Seulong also join a motor club. They both love racing. Seulong calls him playboy, but he defends himself by saying he is just trying to treat girls nicely.


Lee Changmin, 25

The oldest and wisest of the pack. He's the one who spoils Seulin the most in the pack.

Jo Kwon, 22

Friend of Im siblings since their childhood. Gain's boyfriend. He likes nagging very much and almost bicker with Seulin everytime.

Son Gain, 24

Joined the pack together with Taecyeon. She loves Seulin so much since she is the only daughter of her family. Jo Kwon's girlfriend. 

Jea, 31
A friend of the pack. She owns a porridge shop where she often forces the pack to visit her. Changmin thinks she acts too much for her age, and she herself likes to get on his nerves.


the cute poster is done by noiha (of course it can't be done by meeeh hehehe)

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