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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Signs prologue

Agnes was working her body out at Korea since her brother-and-manager thought it's her time to start her international career. Then she met Jung Jinwoon, the smiling-eyes boy who had set his eyes on her friend... Again, for the nth times, she felt brokenhearted, too brokenhearted till she didn't see those signs.

But Bishounen Cafe, a cafe whose waiters are all good-looking, single men, is sure able to fix her--at the end.

Agnes Monica - an Indonesian singer who starts her international career in Korea--and tries her luck in love (again)... 

Jung Jinwoon - the smiling-eyes waiter at Bishounen Cafe

Aryani Sutowo - an old friend and assistant of Agnes

Jung Jihoon - the manager of Bishounen Cafe and Jinwoon's eldest cousin

Lee Junho - a cheerful, playful, friendly waiter at Bishounen Cafe

Hwang Chansung - a quiet, tall, handsome waiter at Bishounen Cafe

Im Seulong - soloist from JYPE, Jinwoon's cousin too

David - Agnes' manager and elder brother

The Bishounen Cafe is NOT my original idea. It is Blossy's idea. She threw Bishounen Cafe challenge at AsianFanfiction and this was firstly submitted as the entry.

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