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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unforgettable Gift prologue


Im Seulong may be a delinquent, but on the top of all, for Im Seulin, he is her hero.

Jung Jinwoon is simply everybody's favorite. And Im Seulin thinks so, too.

Ok Taecyeon acts all Cassanova all the time, but at a point he doesn’t want Seulin think of him as a Cassanova. 

The three of them somehow, in some different ways, play important roles in the life of Im Seulin.

Though her super busy parents were never there for her, she was always taken a very good care by her only brother. She developed a kind of dependance on him. Then what would happen when her hero suddenly unable to perform his silly but sweet over-protectiveness?

A moment before that unforgettable time, he brought a man of her dreams back standing in front of her face.

It turned out her hero also managed to make his best friend to promise him to take care of her on his behalf if something unwanted ever happened.

Then the story begins...


Im Seulin,19

She isn't a girl who is always be #1 at class, but she is clever enough that she has never been out of the top three. She went to school a year early, that's why she was Jinwoon's classmate. She tries to live her life happily and enjoys all attention she got from the pack.

Im Seulong, 24

He looks like--and is a delinquent, but he treasures friendship and very loyal. He is overprotective when it comes to Seulin. He has a pack consists of him, Seulin, Taecyeon, Changmin, Jo Kwon, and Gain. Aside of the pack, he and Taecyeon also join a motor club. He goes everywhere with his lovely Honda CSR and minds to slow down.

Jung Jinwoon, 20

He was the Ims' nextdoor neighbour. He is decent and has calming smile. Jinwoon is simply everybody's favorite. He loves plantations as much as basketball. He is the Prince Charming with line eyes.

Ok Taecyeon, 24

Seulong's bestfriend. Apart of the pack, Taecyeon and Seulong also join a motor club. They both love racing. Seulong calls him playboy, but he defends himself by saying he is just trying to treat girls nicely.


Lee Changmin, 25

The oldest and wisest of the pack. He's the one who spoils Seulin the most in the pack.

Jo Kwon, 22

Friend of Im siblings since their childhood. Gain's boyfriend. He likes nagging very much and almost bicker with Seulin everytime.

Son Gain, 24

Joined the pack together with Taecyeon. She loves Seulin so much since she is the only daughter of her family. Jo Kwon's girlfriend. 

Jea, 31
A friend of the pack. She owns a porridge shop where she often forces the pack to visit her. Changmin thinks she acts too much for her age, and she herself likes to get on his nerves.


the cute poster is done by noiha (of course it can't be done by meeeh hehehe)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Home

WARNING: This drabble contains a sensitive theme for TVXQ fans.

“Welcome to our new home!” Junsu squealed.

“Wow, the view is great here!” Jaejoong exclaimed as he opened the window.

“Hyung, I want to take this room! This is mine, okay?” Junsu said as he ran with his luggage into the room across the TV.

Like Always

“Jun-chan, look!”

I turn to see her holding a puppy. Goosebumps start crawling on my skin. I should’ve never agreed coming here, but what can I do? She wins the pleading war, like always.

“It’s pretty, right? Isn’t it cute? Wanna touch it?” She walks towards me and holds out the puppy in her arms. I move backwards but I realize the wall is behind and I have nowhere to escape.

Signs chapter 5

Chapter 5: Duet Song?

Agnes returned to the café two weeks after the day she handed Jinwoon her musical score. That Saturday night was a week before Bishounen Band’s monthly performance. Some waiters who would perform next week did some practice. This was also one of Bishounen Café’s appeals. At times like this, all waiters including part timers would work because there would be plenty of visitors—and that Saturday night wasn’t an exception.

“Jinwoon, Agnes has come.” Chansung called him. Jinwoon stopped playing drums. His face lightened. He grabbed some papers near him.

“Over here, girl!” he waved the papers. He dragged another chair to the piano.

“You’ve finished it?” Agnes sat next to him and checked the score. Sign, she read the title. “Wow, you filled the lyrics—hey, you changed almost all notes!” she protested and pouted.

Get Married, Dara! chapter 5



Dara was busy correcting her students’ homework that afternoon. She had just had her lunch with her fellow teachers.

“Dara, have you got this?” Minzy waved a card to her.

“What’s that?” Dara furrowed. “Who’s that from?”

“Remember Jeong Jihoon? Our student board President?”

Dara nodded. How can I forget?

“He’s getting married by the end of this month.”

Signs chapter 4

Chapter 4: Can't You See My Signs?

After closing the café up, Jinwoon sat in front of the piano and read Agnes’ musical score for the th time. He got permission to stay up. That night he’s planning to rearrange the whole song.

He played the score, stopped, mused for a while, played the piano again, and then crossed out something on the paper. He swung his head to the rhythm as he played the piano. The times he got stuck, he tapped his fingers to the piano keys.

An hour later, Jinwoon played the whole parts he had rearranged. He tilted his head when he pressed the last key. It feels dry, he thought. The first arrangement had the feel of broken heart, but what is this? If I weren’t the arranger, even I myself wouldn’t know it’s a brokenhearted song. He sighed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wrong Number

WARNING: This theme may be sensitive for some DBSK fans.
“I’m sorry, you called the wrong number. [giggles] Please try again. [Beep sound]”

He was transferred to mailbox.

Changmin sighed. “Hyung,” he looked down. “I know you have reasons for not staying. I’m not blaming you for not enduring it any longer. We had much and I understand why you want to fight back.”

“I believe you aren’t one of them who said Yunho hyung and I are coward because we chose to stay.” He bit his lip. “You know what made us took the different way.”

Drops formed in the corner of his eyes. “Fate is just being cruel to us.”

If only we could go back to those early years.

Get Married, Dara! chapter 4



“Ah! Hyung!” Sanghyun tossed his PlayStation stick. “This is no fun, you always win.”

Jiyong broke laughter. That evening, the two decided to spend their usual basketball time with playing PlayStation because Sanghyun had just got a new game from his friend. “Well, it’s you who don’t play well.” He stuck out his tongue.

Sanghyun scanned his collection of old PlayStation games. “Let’s play this one.” He waved a disc.

“Okay…” Jiyong shifted his seat. The two ‘brothers’ soon immersed in the game. They only stopped a while to greet back Sanghyun’s mother when she came home. They didn’t realize her hands were full with groceries as they were too absorbed in the game.

“Hyun, gotta go to toilet!” Jiyong suddenly paused the game and jumped out of the sofa.

“Ah! I’m nearly winning, Hyung! You pause in purpose!” Sanghyun shouted.

“Hyun-ah, get me some ice please, and bring this to dining table.” His mother called from the kitchen. Sanghyun did as asked and peeked at his mother cooking. Whoa, octopus! His face brightened. He and his sister like any kind of food made from octopus. However, their mother doesn’t cook octopus very often. She only cooks octopus on special occasion like Dara’s or his birthday, or a day when her salary is increased. Those facts made Sanghyun furrowed. What is special today?

“Mommy, Hyunnie, I’m home!” Dara sang as she swung the door. She went directly to the kitchen and pecked her mother. “Hmm, am I smelling octopus in the air?” her eyes went wide and big grin plastered on her face.

Her mother smiled. “Go change your clothes, dinner will be ready soon.”

Moments later the family had surrounded the dining table. Dara didn’t notice Sanghyun prepared an extra plate next to him.

“How is life at the hakwon, dear? Exams are coming, right?” Her mother asked.

“So-so, Mom. There are students who don’t have any intention to study that their mothers have to drag them to hakwon because their marks are real bad, but they still attempt to escape from hakwon after their mother leaving.” Dara shook her head. “On the other hand, I got another student who is very diligent, too diligent I should say. She studies hard at any times. The bad thing I don’t like from her is she always asks for tutoring any time she sees me free.” She sighed.

“It’s good for her; she sure will get good marks.” Sanghyun chuckled.

 “But she took my break time; I’m not even able to lunch properly.” Dara whined.

“However, you should appreciate her strong will. Not all your students are as diligent as her, you said that before.” Her mother commented.

“Thank God they’re not as diligent as her.” She groaned. “I’ll be died if there are other students like her.” She put her head on the table. That time, she realized there’s a plate across her, next to Sanghyun.

“Someone is joining our dinner?” Dara lifted her head and looked at Sanghyun questioningly.

Signs chapter 3

Chapter 3: Lovely Side Job

Jinwoon tried his best to seem not bothered by the news. He managed to pass the phase when his fellows stared at him with pitiful look. They knew he’s fallen for her since the first time he saw her in the café. He still flashed his renowned smiling eyes to everyone every time. One who took a good look on him would know that most of those smiles were fake smiles. However, his fellows decided Jinwoon was going to be okay because he’d found a new side job he loved: co-composing songs.

Recently Agnes had been hanging out alone at Bishounen Café more often than ever. She would stay for two hours or so, order either mineral water or chocolate milk, and busy herself writing musical notes. She was composing songs for her new album. Jinwoon suggested this and that for her—he once joined bands back in his high school time but he quitted after he graduated. He had always had deep interest in music. Eventually, his music preferences were similar with Agnes’.

Jinwoon got the manager’s permission for Agnes using the café’s musical instruments. None played those instruments except Bishounen Band and they only performed on the last Saturday every month. On his break time, Jinwoon would play either guitar or drum to accompany Agnes playing piano. Sometimes they played piano together.

“A new song?” Jinwoon peeked on the paper Agnes was writing.

Agnes gave quick nod. “Yeah. This café is sure a better place to seek for inspirations. I always get stuck easily in my apartment and practice room.” She continued writing as she tapped her fingers following the rhythm from earphone plugged in her left ear.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lean on Me

This is another oneshot, and this time it's about the only member who couldn't make it to come to Jakarta last Saturday, the gorgeous gesture man, Choi Siwon :)


I push the door slightly.
As I expect, Shiwon is working on the bed. He is busy with the laptop on his lap. He fixes his glasses a couple of times.
I stare at him.

Shiwon is an enormously busy man. He works all day long and still has to continue it at home. He goes to work early after dropping me at Lolli-chan apartment. Though he always arrives home before me, he has to engage with the cruel roads and exhausting traffic jam. His job makes him stays in door and seems like it doesn’t need much energy, but I know he has to squeeze his brain tighter than anyone else in his office.
Despite all his circumstances, Shiwon is still able to smile every time I call his name. He tries listening to my stories and whines with full concentration. He does his best to not yawn in front of me even though I can see weariness clearly drawn on his face. If he really can’t stand the sleepy feeling, he will apologize then he’ll let me continue my story while he hugs me and falls asleep on my shoulder.

And look at me now.

Shiwon has never complained about how much the job he has to finish nor how annoying his boss and colleagues, not even once. Me? I have just faced those people with too many whims and I got disorientated. I have just faced endless tasks and the must to participate in those series of activities and I got completely broken. I have just faced that kind of pressure and I desperately wanted to go back and curl in my comfort zone.

I gaze Shiwon hazily. My feelings are mix up, I can’t explain.

Shiwon stops staring his laptop and spins his head to me. Automatically he beams his soft smile.

Signs chapter 2

Chapter 2: Those Teary Eyes

To her surprise, the photo shoot could be finished earlier so that Saturday afternoon Agnes had returned to Korea. Even though no one invited her, she was curious to see Bishounen Band’s performance, especially Jinwoon’s.

It was 7.30 pm when she arrived at Bishounen Café. Silently she slipped in the crowd. Tables with best view to the stage were all seated. Agnes managed to get a chair in front of the bartender. The view wasn’t good, but she could see Jinwoon clear enough from the spot.

His voice was deep, but not that deep and not a husky one. Although he only wore simple sky blue shirt and black jeans, he’s still as gorgeous as ever. Agnes noticed he didn’t take off his smile along his performance. She could tell whom his gaze was landed on most of times: Aya. Her heart stung a bit, but she tried to focus on his performance and ignored it.

Round of applause was heard as he bowed to the audience. Agnes was walking towards him when she saw Aya talked to him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you have that wonderful voice? You’ve never sung for me too.” She pouted.

“Well, you’ve never asked me…” he smiled shyly.

“Then you have to sing at my wedding!” she exclaimed happily.

Signs chapter 1

Chapter 1: Those Smiling Eyes

Singing has been the thing Agnes like the best ever since she was born. She is a singer now, famous and respected as a talented one. Her career is good, her albums and singles were sold above 500,000 copies in average—except her last mini-album. It was released six months ago and sold around 200,000 copies. Truthfully, it was good enough for singers at her age. However, David, her manager who’s also her elder brother, didn’t think so. The market was more into bands, he thought, and he came to conclusion that she needed some breakthrough.

An invitation for Agnes to sing in Asia Song Festival that was held in Korea was the beginning of his plan on her breakthrough. Somehow, he assigned her to a well-known major agency, JYPE, to get special training. So there she is, working out her body to satisfy her manager’s ambition—and hers, in fact. The switching from somebody in her country to nobody in this country wasn’t easy, but she had never complained about it.

Being trained for almost half a year, she got used to her new life well. Breakfast - singing practice - dancing practice – lunch - language course - dancing practice - singing practice – dinner – singing practice was her usual routine. With that schedule, how could she visit Bishounen Café so often? Well, if you had an assistant named Aryani Sutowo, it would be very much possible.

Aya, that’s how she is called, was an old friend of Agnes back then. She has been a regular visitor to Bishounen Café since her family moved to Korea when she was in Middle High and was crazy about its sweets. The fact that it’s located only 500 m away from the agency building gave her reason to drag Agnes to Bishounen Café every time she had chance, like this time.


“Yo! Chans, how are you?” Aya cut him off. Side by side with Chansung, she walked to a table near the garden. Agnes followed them quietly. Not long after the two sat, another waiter popped up to greet Aya.

“Where have you been? You haven’t visited us for a long time.” He stood by the table.

Get Married, Dara! chapter 3



Jiyong’s mother decided that night Dara’s and her family should have dinner together at her house. Having dinner together between the two family was a habit since Dara’s father was still alive. With Dara’s help, Jiyong’s mother cooked everyone’s favorite foods.

“It’s been a while since we have dinner together like this. You grow up so much taller, Sanghyun.” Uncle Jinhee commented.

“Yes, I think he’s taller than Jiyong. And do you notice that he’s getting more handsome?” Aunty Hyunmi added.

Sanghyun blushed upon their comments. “Not really… where’s Jiyong hyung, anyway? Why haven’t he arrived yet?” he shifted topic.

“Aww, our Sanghyunnie is blushing…” Sanghyun’s face reddened on his mother’s teased.

“He’ll be late for dinner; he said he had some business to take care.” Dara answered.

The conversation went about each other’s recent activities. The dinner was fun and warm. Dara missed this atmosphere as she was buried by the hakwon and private tutoring she did.

“Whoa, Dara, you can make a good wife in the future! Your cook is delicious!” Uncle Jinhee commenting on the pasta Dara made.

“Talking about wife, have you ever thought of getting married, my dear?” Aunty Hyunmi suddenly brought up the topic Dara had never wanted to discuss about.

Get Married, Dara! chapter 2




It was the gloomiest day ever. People approached her to give some encouragement words or reassuring taps on her shoulders. She saw her mother, half lifeless, stood beside the grave with the support of some people. In her arms, Sanghyun cried hysterically.

Dara looked at the coffin being buried. The smiling and humorous daddy she had would never laughed at her cold jokes anymore. He had gone forever. He would never watch her on school dramas at the end of semesters again. She felt her chest tightened. Her eyes got teary, but she tried her best to hold it back. She couldn’t cry. She mustn’t cry. She had to be tough. She’s the eldest child; she’s the head of family now, practically, since her mother was extremely shaken.

The funeral ceremony ended a few moments ago. Sanghyun and her mother were fetched home by Jiyong’s parents. The family and relatives had gone. Dara stayed still in front of her dad’s grave. Her eyes locked on the gravestone. Out of blue, her whole body shook terribly. She sobbed, let all her emotions she couldn’t show earlier burst out. “Daddy…” she whispered weakly. She was about to fall on her knees when a pair of arms hold her from the back. Dara stopped sobbing for a while and turned around.

“You always have me, Nuna.” Jiyong said as he let go of her. “I will always be by your side. I will never leave you. I will protect you with all my heart.”

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Signs prologue

Agnes was working her body out at Korea since her brother-and-manager thought it's her time to start her international career. Then she met Jung Jinwoon, the smiling-eyes boy who had set his eyes on her friend... Again, for the nth times, she felt brokenhearted, too brokenhearted till she didn't see those signs.

But Bishounen Cafe, a cafe whose waiters are all good-looking, single men, is sure able to fix her--at the end.

Agnes Monica - an Indonesian singer who starts her international career in Korea--and tries her luck in love (again)... 

Jung Jinwoon - the smiling-eyes waiter at Bishounen Cafe

Aryani Sutowo - an old friend and assistant of Agnes

Jung Jihoon - the manager of Bishounen Cafe and Jinwoon's eldest cousin

Lee Junho - a cheerful, playful, friendly waiter at Bishounen Cafe

Hwang Chansung - a quiet, tall, handsome waiter at Bishounen Cafe

Im Seulong - soloist from JYPE, Jinwoon's cousin too

David - Agnes' manager and elder brother

The Bishounen Cafe is NOT my original idea. It is Blossy's idea. She threw Bishounen Cafe challenge at AsianFanfiction and this was firstly submitted as the entry.

Love in the Ice

WARNING: This drabble contains a sensitive theme for TVXQ fans.

The weather was hot. I went to the nearest cold beverages machine. I got two cans as Changmin wanted one. Then I saw him.

He’s walking to the machine too. I examined his figure. He gained more weight.

He froze ten steps away from me.

His player yet warm look then removed by an awkward one. I swore, our fans would still be swooned even with that face.

How I Become A Key

Some refreshment before I post the next chapters of Get Married, Dara!
Kekekeke~ feel free to laugh if you feel this funny, but if you don't, please don't kick me #hidesbehindKey
Poster is done by Lil Daisy

"Why did you vote for Jinwoon instead of me? His rap isn't even nearing me and he can't dance at all! Are you MY friend or HIS friend? Do you find him charming?"

She only rolled her eyes.

"Why didn't you give your vote to me? You know how much I dreamed to be school representative at this?"

"I know Kim Kibum, you told me a thousand times."

"Then WHY?"

"Because you can't join that competition."

Get Married, Dara! chapter 1


The air in the morning was cooler than days before. It was entering winter, that’s why, and it’s nearing Christmas. The first snow in this winter hadn’t dropped yet, but there in her room, a girl rolled up herself with blankets on her bed.

She’s actually a hard worker and diligent girl. Usually at this time she would have blended with people on the road chasing the subway. It’s just she’s been working out too much for the past weeks, so that her body was doing a strike on her.


She groaned. Of all times, why her immune chose to vanish at this time when the students were going to take their exam?

The sound of her phone forced her to end her sleep. Lazily, she took it.

“Hello.” She answered lazily without opening her eyes.

“Merry Christmas, Nuna!” the voice in the other line said in chirpy tone.

She furrowed and her eyes opened in instant. She distanced her phone to check the caller ID and the date. As expected. It’s Kwon Jiyong. She sighed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Get Married, Dara! prologue


Sandara Park is the eldest child in the family. Her father had died and she took the responsibility to be the head of the family. The only thing she has in mind is working hard to earn money so she can afford a good life for her mother and her little brother, Park Sanghyun.
She has a nextdoor neighbour named Jiyong. The only son of Kwon family. The playful boy who declared to the world he loves Sandara when he was ten.

Then suddenly her mother asked her to get married.


Sandara Park (2NE1)

Kwon Jiyong (Big Bang)

Park Cheondung (MBLAQ) -- I will use his real name Park Sanghyun in this fiction. 


Oh, that shabby poster :'( It was my first attempted to create a poster. And I failed. Total fail :/
Just forget the poster and enjoy the story! :)


Interrogated II

Please note that this is not the continuation of Interrogated, but it is somehow related.

It’s been so long since the four gorgeous men showed up in front of me. I have never expected they will show up again because they will only showed up if I don’t live my life well—and I feel I’m living my life well now.

But then again, it’s Changmin sitting on the sofa in front of me. I can’t be wrong, it’s Changmin. I recognize his new haircut, the one for his latest album, which is only slightly different from his haircut for Best Selection. And the way he stares at me… it’s the look belongs to him only.

I can’t help but furrow my brows. Why is he here? What did I do wrong? Why is he alone?


Those four boys—or I should say, young men—sat in front of me. Not in the same couch, but somehow they manage to give the same tense—the tense of an interrogation.

I didn’t make any voice. I simply looked at them who stared at me with different gazes. Key shot a stern look. Jinwoon’s was concerned one. Shiwon’s was, as always, a caring gaze. Changmin’s was more like ‘what part can't you understand?’.

Being the oldest among the five, Shiwon broke the silence. “You know why we are here now, right?” he started off very slowly.

I nodded.

“I can't get it, really,” Changmin cut the intro, “which parts of that guy attracted you? His qualification doesn’t even approach the minimum of your standards!”

I sighed. “Why are all of you put so much care on this problem? I mean, it’s just I like this boy, that’s all. And I’m not someone to all of you; I’m just a common fan girl.”

“It’s not just ‘that’s all’. Well, you are a fan girl, that’s a fact, but you chose us as your models of The One. We have to make sure you choose the right one. We can't just sit back and do nothing. It’s our responsibility as the chosen ones.” Key stated. “If you mind with us interfere, you are free to pick others as your models of The One.” He added.

Greetings to you

Good evening, all of you out there.

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All fictions posted here will be in English. The Indonesian versions will be posted in Langkah Kecil.

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