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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 9

CHAPTER 9: Jinwoon, Taecyeon, and the Truth

“I’m so sorry, Woon.”
“That’s okay, Seul, don’t worry.” Jinwoon chuckled. He swung the door in front of him. “I myself have just arrived.” He spotted Seulong was still sleeping soundlessly. “Your brother hasn’t waked up yet.” He informed.
“He is? Wow, he sleeps a lot.” Seulin commented. “I’ll make sure Taecyeon Oppa eats real fast. I’ll shove them all to his mouth.” Seulin promised.
Jinwoon sensed invisible worry in her words. “I’ll wait until you come here, Seul. No need to worry.” He assured her. He heard her sighed. “Unless you don’t want me to wait for you.” He said in such a sad tone—fake, of course.
“No, no, wait for me!” she said quickly, panic. “I mean… I promised you to come and see you practicing today… and I don’t want to break my promise.” She added in mumbling tone.
Jinwoon chuckled in discreet. “I know, I know. I’ll wait for you.”
“Thank you.”
“Just thank you?” He leaned to the sofa he’s sitting.
“Eh?” Seulin raised her eyebrow. ‘Am I supposed to say something else?’
“You don’t want to buy me anything as your apology for being late?”
‘I should?’Seulin frowned. “Alright. What do you want me to buy?”
“Bring me your beautiful smile.”
Seulin couldn’t believe her ears. Her face soon turned into crimson and she was at loss of words. In fact she lost her concentration on everything. She didn’t realize Taecyeon shot her questioning look and mouthed her as ‘boiled lobster’.
On the other line, Jinwoon chuckled subtly again, satisfied with what he had done to her. “Don’t make me wait too long, okay? See you later.” With that, he ended the call.
Jinwoon looked at the sleeping Seulong and laughed wholeheartedly. “Ah, what have I done?” He cupped his cheeks to stop his laughter. “You know, Hyung, after meeting her again, I become fond of flattering her. I don’t know but every time I see her… I just can’t help it.”
His mind flew to his old days with Seulin. They knew each other practically since they were still in pampers because they were next door neighbor. He remembered there were times his mother took him to the Ims’ house and she would chat with Mrs. Im while he spent the time by playing PlayStation with Seulong or drawing pictures with Seulin. Sometimes their mothers would cook them some cakes and cookies. That’s such a beautiful memory of the past.
As time went by, the business of their respective families developed to a good point. However, the consequence was the lacks of family time. The story was a little better for Jinwoon, because at some time when he was in his first years of elementary school, his mother got pregnant again, but it was a troublesome one so his mother needed bed rest and she stopped from all business-related activities. During that time, they managed to get even closer to each other. Meanwhile for the Ims… the more the day passed the further the distance between the parents and the kids. At that time, Jinwoon was the only friend for Seulin. She did befriend with other children at school, but she never really opened up to them. After Seulong, Jinwoon was the only one she shared stories with.
Jinwoon knew very well that around a month before his leaving, Seulin looked at him in a different way. He would catch her staring at him for a long time from time to time. Though it’s not that obvious, he could feel her burning stares when other girls did some physical contacts with him. He sensed her dropping shoulders every time he said he got to go and couldn’t accompany her. He also noticed there’s something in her smiles to him, the way she gazed at him…

Birthday Presents chapter 3

Birthday Present#3

As no one expected, rain poured down out of blue just five minutes before Jinwoon’s practice was dismissed. It should be spring since it was still early May, so a rainy afternoon was strange. However, due to the big issue almost all countries were talking about—global warming—summer seemed to come faster.
Jinwoon ran a little along the stone path. His right hand tried to make a shield for his face. When he reached the green house, he wiped water dripping through his face from his hair and squeezed the edge of his shirt, which was no use. He pushed the door slowly and stepped in.
“Seulin?” his eyes wandered around, searching for the girl.
“Oh, you come!” Seulin’s head appeared between the pots of Carnations. She put off her gloves and approached Jinwoon. “Wow, you’re wet.” She pointed. “You ran through the rain?”
“Kind of.” Jinwoon grinned. He looked around, searching for a place to put his bag down but found nothing so he just carelessly put it down next to some pots. He rolled his sleeves. “What do I do now?”
“I have taken weeds out of the pots. We only have to water them, then sort out which are the best and going to be used for the event.” She walked to a corner and left his bag there, next to hers. “But before that, you need to dry yourself.” She handed him a towel.
“You did all these by yourself?” Jinwoon followed Seulin to where she was before he came. His hands were busy drying his hair.
“What? Taking care of the flowers? No, I suppose to work with that irritating friend of yours, but since he loves escaping his job so much, I’m so going to make President kick him out of Student Council.” She turned the tap and started watering the nearest pots. “Sometimes the others from Student Council would help me when Jooyeong escaped, but they all apparently are busy today.”
Both of them dealt with the pots for a long hour full of sweats. After an hour, the pots had been arranged and the Carnations section looked pleasantly neat. Seulin stared at their work in satisfaction.
“You really love flowers so much, don’t you?” Jinwoon said as he stretched his body. Seulin turned to look at his face. “Since we were young, you liked to help out at your mother’s florist.”
She chuckled. “It is my mother’s florist, how can I not help her?”
“But you are the only girl I ever know who has that much of interest in flowers.” Jinwoon turned around and looked outside. “Ah, the rain is getting harder. I don’t think we can even get out of here without getting drenched.” He sighed.
“Let’s wait for the rain to stop. You absolutely can’t run through the rain again or you will really catch a cold tomorrow.”
Jinwoon sighed again. “But there’s nothing we can do here.”
“Who says?” Seulin’s eyes sparkled. “We can celebrate your birthday here.”
He chuckled in instant. “You want to celebrate it again? Aren’t you bored?”
She signed him a ‘no, no’ finger. “I’m gonna celebrate it in a way the other had never done before.” She said confidently.
He got excited. “That sounds very promising.”
She took his arm and made him sat on the floor and leaned on the glass wall.
“Hey, the floor is—“
“It’s not like your clothes are clean, Jinwoon. Besides there is no chair here, so bare with it, okay?”
Seulin went to another corner. Jinwoon couldn’t see what she was doing because it’s already dark. She took quite a long time preparing things. He didn’t want to disturb her by asking things because he knew she hates being questioned while working with something she likes.
The atmosphere was very peaceful. The sound of rain dropping somehow calmed Jinwoon. Right in front of him was the white Carnations pots. He closed his eyes, enjoying the atmosphere. Unconsciously, his mind drifted to his childhood.
His mother often took him to the florist belonged to Seulin’s mother. She liked flowers so much—more than Seulin. She regularly bought flowers for decorations. She bought various flowers, but she bought pink Carnation the most often. He guessed it’s her favorite flower.
During their visits, he always saw Seulin taking care of the flowers. Either cutting or arranging them in a bouquet. Or sometimes watering those they planted at their backyard. ‘She was too diligent doing those works.’
“Happy birthday to you,” Jinwoon heard Seulin’s voice and a guitar being played. He opened his eyes.

Unforgettable Gift chapter 8

CHAPTER 8:  Odd Taecyeon





“Oppa, you need to finish this. Come on, it’s just a few spoons to go…” Seulin twirled the spoon in front of Seulong’s face.


“I don’t want to~” He shoved her hand away. “You said it five minutes ago, ‘Just a few spoons to go, Oppa’; it’s not going to work again. I’m done.” He patted his stomach and stretched his body. “Ah… I feel like sleeping…”


“Yah, Oppa, I even had to agree to my group mates to do half of the History paper alone later so they would let me go here to take care of you, and now you want to sleep. How inconsiderate.” Seulin put the bowl at the table and folded her arms, pouting.


“Ah, Hyung, why do you make my Princess pouting like that? Awww, don’t worry Princess, your Prince is here~” Taecyeon, who had just entered the room, walked towards her and pulled her into his arms. “Your Prince will not let anyone hurt you~” he stroked her hair.


“YAH HANDS OFF OF MY SISTER!” Seulong shouted. He rose instantly seeing the scene, tried to separate them and whack Taecyeon, but he forgot his left leg was being hung. “AH!” He shouted again, holding onto his leg. “My leg…” he winced.


Seulin sighed seeing her brother’s impulsive action, while Taecyeon couldn’t hold his laughter, earning another shout from Seulong.


“You better stop now, Ok Taecyeon, or else, when I get out of this bed, you’ll be dead.” He threatened. “Ouch.” He cringed again.


“I’ll tell the nurse to check on your wound. It seems like you’ve just hurt it.” Seulin stood.


“Thank you, Little One, you really know me so well.” Seulong grinned ear to ear and pinched her cheeks before she went.


When it was finally only Seulong and Taecyeon in the room, Seulong’s tone turned into serious again. “Sorry I yelled at you, but you deserved it. You know I don’t let any man touch her. However, thanks for picking her up from school in my place.”


“That’s nothing, Hyung.”


“Actually I don’t care if I got into accident, but when I realize I can’t do things like picking Seulin from school or keeping her from stupid boys trying to get her if I get hospitalized, I kind of regret it.” Seulong uttered his thought.


“Don’t worry Hyung, you got me to do those favors in your place. Just say what I should do, where I should pick her up or drop her off.” Taecyeon reassured.


“You have to take care of her for me.”


“Take care of her? As in being her nanny?” Taecyeon joked and was about to laugh but stopped seeing Seulong glared. “I will, Hyung, don’t worry.” He quickly added.




Taecyeon puffed his cheeks remembering the memory of what happened few years ago. ‘Oh well, Seulong Hyung asked me personally to take care of her.’


Slowly, he took Jinwoon’s hand off Seulin and shook her body. “Seulin.” He called. “Seulin-ah, wake up.” He poked her cheeks.


After a couple minutes, Seulin opened her eyes and moved slightly, causing Jinwoon to wake up as well. “Taecyeon Oppa?” she rubbed her eyes, gaining her consciousness. “How is Seulong Oppa?”


“Dr. Kim said he will conscious tomorrow the fastest.” He answered. “I’ve told the others and I told them to go home since he won’t wake up tonight.”


“So Oppa is alright?”


“He needs to go through advance examination later.”


“But Oppa is alright, right? He’s not in danger or anything?” Seulin confirmed.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


#2comebacks1tvxq Yunho @mjjeje @6002theMicky @0101xiahtic Changmin
No, I'm not being sentimental, people. I'm being supportive to all of them. To Jung Yunho. To Kim Jaejoong. To Park Yoochun. To Kim Junsu. To Shim Changmin.
To Dong Bang Shin Ki. The boyband with the largest official fan club members in the world. The boyband who debuted on December 26, 2003. The boyband who went through all those hardships in order to stand on this state. The boyband who is currently on separation.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Presents chapter 2

Birthday Present#2

The basketball hall was full of people like usual. A group of cheerleaders gathered at one side, yelling their cheers for the boys practicing at the field. As Mr. Coach blew his whistle, signaling break time, the girls in sync started to sing Happy Birthday song. A girl with red hair band and the broadest smile on her face went to the front with her both hand holding a black forest cake.
“Jinwoon-ah, happy birthday!” she said.
Wiping his running down sweats, Jinwoon approached the girls. “Wow, girls, you don’t have to do this.”
“This is nothing, Oppa!” said the brown-haired girl on the left of the girl holding the cake.
“Yeah, we practically do this for the other members on their birthdays too.”
“Come on, Jinwoon, make a wish and blow the candles!”
Jinwoon closed his eyes for a good second then blew the candles gently. The girls—except the one who was holding the cake—clapped happily. The brown-haired girl handed him knife.
“Thanks, Sohee. Hmm, whom should I give the first slice?” Jinwoon looked at the girls’ faces, examined which one showed more expectations.
“Me! Give it to me, Oppa!”
“Yah, Sunmi, why on earth Jinwoon Oppa should give the first slice to you?” Sohee glared the other girl.
“Just because—“
“Oh, stop, you two! And you, Jung Jinwoon, I don’t care whomever you’ll give it but please just make it quick, I can’t stand it anymore~ Can’t you see my hands trembling?” The girl who seemed to be the oldest between the three whined. “Or just give it to me. I did quite much for this surprise.” She winked.
Jinwoon laughed. “Oh, really? What did you do, Nicole?” he teased her.
“Oh come on, Jung Jinwoon~ This cake is not as light as feather!” Nicole protested.
“Fine, fine.” Jinwoon lifted the knife and carefully cut the cake into some slices. He took a slice and feed it to Nicole. “First slice is to beautiful Nicole who had work very hard to hold the cake~”
“Yah! Why do you—“
“Say ‘ah~’, Cola~” Jinwoon shoved it to her mouth to cut her.
“Aaaawwwwww~~ Nicole Onni, you’re so lucky!” Sohee cooed.

Unforgettable Gift chapter 7

CHAPTER 7: As Usual…?
Mrs. Im folded the newspaper she had been reading and tossed it away. Furiously she grabbed her phone and dialed her son’s number.
“Yoboseyo?” he answered lazily. From the background sound, Mrs. Im could tell he was riding his motorcycle.
“Yah Im Seulong, you still go racing, huh?” she blown up.
“You call me just to yell at me?” his voice was annoyed. “I thought I told you I will never quit racing.”
“I thought I told you for thousands times, I don’t care if you go racing or not as long as you don’t appear on newspaper!” she barked. “What’s this; citizen reported a group of adolescents doing wild race on the northern part of the city. Police are currently investigating and a son of a well-known, top millionaire is one of the suspects.” She spat out the news.
“Why are you so sure it is me?” he yelled back. “Oh, how rich are you and dad that you both can be included in millionaire class?” he mocked.
“Now you are my mother? Then you should know better I have never raced on the northern.” Seulong rolled his eyes.
“How could I give birth to a son like you?” Mrs. Im sighed exasperatedly. This son of hers always has ways to counter back her words.
“I didn’t ask to be born, either.” With that, Seulong hung up.
“How dare he hang up on me?” Mrs. Im placed her phone back frantically.
She could never understand her delinquent son. He skipped classes, his scores were only good enough to pass to next level, he spoke back to her and his father, he joined motorcycle club and raced wildly. He refused his father’s order to work at the company and even dared to stand against him. The two has been involved in cold war ever since.
Im Seulong had no good points at all in his mother’s eyes. Nothing of him could be proud of.
Mrs. Im sighed. She had no idea how to handle her son anymore. She only hoped he would marry a decent woman from rich family. ‘He still has a worth, at least.’
She was about to get down to her business again when her phone rang. ‘Seulong,’ her display said. ‘What does he want after hanging up on me like that?’ “Yoboseyo?”
“Excuse me Madam; are you the mother of this number’s owner?”
Mrs. Im frowned. “Who is this?” she asked suspiciously.
“I’m a medical staff of Seoul Hospital. The owner of this phone was involved in an accident and is rushed to Seoul Hospital. I’m supposed to inform his family or relatives.”
Mrs. Im’s eyes widened. “My son involved in an accident?”
“Yes, Madam.”

Unforgettable Gift chapter 6

CHAPTER 6: The Beginning
“Tell me again, why do we have to be here now?” Changmin asked with frustrated face. Together with Seulong and Taecyeon, he was left by the petite couple who decided to have their own date.
“To have meals, of course.” Seulong, who sat next to him, answered oh so innocently.
“But who have porridge for their lunch?” Changmin irritated. “More specifically, why must this porridge shop?” Changmin’s eyes wandered around, hoping to not find a particular one, exactly.
“Because this is Jea Nuna’s porridge shop?” Seulong continued his innocent act.
Taecyeon laughed. “Come on Hyung, bear with it. You know there is no chance we don’t visit Jea Nuna’s porridge shop today.”
Changmin growled. “Of all kind of food, she has to open a porridge shop. Hah. Great.” He pushed his bowl away. “It will be better if I went with Kwon and Gain.” He pouted.
“And be the third wheel? Oh, I don’t know you enjoy being third wheel, Hyung.” Seulong mocked.
“Still better than coming here.” Changmin leaned back to the chair.
“As if Kwon and Jea Nuna will let you, Hyung.” Taecyeon commented.
“Hey guys, you are here! Long time no see you all! Where have you been?” Loudly and in ungracious way, a grown up woman joined their table and sat between Changmin and Taecyeon. “Oh wait. Where is the rest of the pack? Jo Kwon, Gain, and Seulin? Why are there only three of you?” she complained.
“Wow, you are prettier than last time I saw you, Nuna.” Taecyeon extolled.
Jea rolled her eyes. “Cutie bunny, keep your sweet talks to flirt with other girls. It will never work for me.”
Taecyeon pretended to be hurt. Jea ignored him and repeated her question. “Where are my little girls? Why don’t they visit me?”
“They are having date.” Seulong answered.
A DATE? Gain dates Seulin? They are… not straight?” Jea gasped, her eyes rounded.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 5


CHAPTER 5: Seulong’s Unforgettable Gift, is it?
Seulin couldn’t stop herself from grinning like an idiot that day. Oh, how could she? The amusement park was flooded by people and for the lame excuse “So you will not get lost”, Jinwoon held her hand all the time. Well, it was just common holding hands like she does all the time with her brother, but that was not the only thing behind her idiotic grin. When they were standing on the line waiting for their turn for the rides, he would made her stood in front of him, then secured his arms around her to make sure she didn’t get squeezed by other people. He kept some appropriate space between them, of course, but what do you expect of people standing on the lines? For sure, people at the back would push you forward, while the others at the front would push you backward, and the ones at the middle would get squeezed. It’s not a comfortable situation indeed, but for Seulin and those who were in the state like her… that uncomfortable situation is very much enjoyable. Totally.
To say she likes going to amusement park… that’s quite a lie. Truthfully she had never gone to amusement park. Why? It’s simply because she’s afraid. She’s afraid of the rides. Well, not all the rides, but the ones which involve height and increase adrenaline… she would likely to run away from them. This is one of her biggest secret which only Seulong knows about. No other human being knows about this, not the pack, her parents, nor Jinwoon. Oh, Jinwoon is the one in particular she doesn’t want him to know.
Then why did Seulong give Lotte World’s tickets as his gift?
He knew she doesn’t go to amusement park.
And why did Seulin go to Lotte World at the end with Jinwoon?
He’s the one in particular who mustn’t know she’s afraid of going to amusement park.
Just because… one silly promise.

Birthday Presents chapter 1

Birthday Present#1

Jinwoon opened his locker and soon was greeted by lots of things fell down to the floor, causing some noises. People around him turned and started teasing.
“Wow, how colorful!”
“Need help to finish them, Woon?”
Jinwoon chuckled at them. “Shut up, boys.” He bent and picked some cards. He read them. “Happy birthday Jinwoon… Oppa happy birthday… Stay healthy and live happily… Happy birthday Jinwoon Oppa…” He picked some more from the floor. “If you all want to congratulate me, you should give me presents too… In fact, the presents are the most important.” He chuckled again as he talked to himself.
Birthday present#1: Lollipops, chocolates, and all kinds of sweets.
“They did.” Jinyoung, leaning at his side, pointed to the floor. “Look, they gave you lollipops and chocolates. Tons of sweets, really.” He took an orange lollipop from Jinwoon’s locker, unwrapped and stuck it into his mouth. Jinyoung let out cheerful cry, swayed his body around as he enjoyed the orange flavor filling his mouth.
Jinwoon chuckled on that act of the boy standing near him. “It’s not like they don’t fill up this locker with every kinds of confections they can find yesterday, or the day before.” He stared at the mess on the floor. “See yours, I bet they fill it up too.” He added.
“Nuh-uh, I’d like to save it for later.” Jinyoung still enjoyed the lollipop. “And I know you’ll let me enjoy yours.” He winked and earned a disgusted grunt from Jinwoon.
“Receiving what you receive everyday doesn’t feel like receiving birthday presents.” Jinwoon stretched his arms, gathered all the confections and shoved them back to his locker, but some managed to slip and fall again. He bent to pick them, but someone was faster.
“Yah, it’s not like you don’t enjoy those sweets. And how can you expect they don’t flood you, one of the Princes of Sweets, with tons of sweets on your birthday?” Minyoung shoved the slipped confections to Jinwoon’s locker and stole a bar of chocolate. She had ripped the wrapping and taken a bite when she asked him, “Can I have this one?”
Jinwoon messed her hair. “Min, you bit it already and now you ask?” She grinned at his remark.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 4

CHAPTER 4: Total Awkward
Seulin paralyzed. She didn’t move an inch. She stood still, and seemed to forget how to breathe, too.
“Happy birthday, Seul.” He said.
‘Ah, his voice is still as sweet as ever.’She thought as she kept looking at his eyes.
He took out his hand holding a small pot of Lavender. “Lavender is your favorite, isn’t it?”
She stared blankly at the pot.
Seulong stared at his sister; satisfied grin crept on his face. ‘She must be dead,’ he chuckled. It didn’t take long for Changmin and Kwon to join his laughter. Kwon even let out a loud whistle.
Seulin snapped back to reality upon Kwon’s loud whistle. She wanted to jump and tangle him right there for embarrassing her in front of Jinwoon. But then again she remembered, Jinwoon was still offering his gift.
She accepted the pot. “Thank you.” She muttered, tried to sound as normal as she could. However, it was clear for everyone she’s nervous to death.
Changmin cleared his throat, gaining all attention to him. “So, long no see, you’ve grown passed me, huh?” he smacked Jinwoon’s arm. Jinwoon laughed.
“Yah, how can you not contact us all these times? Are we not friends anymore?” Kwon whined.
“No, it’s not like that, Hyung—“
 “Yo, Jinwoon-ah, how are you?” Seulong walked to him and gave him friendly hug.
“Great, Hyung.” Jinwoon smiled until his eyes gone. “Oh, I miss you all!”
“You are more handsome than me now.” Seulong praised. Jinwoon blushed.
“Yeah, so handsome that…” Kwon exchanged looks with Seulong, and laughed in unison instead of finishing his sentence.
Taecyeon stared at them, felt left out. ‘Who the heck is this pretty boy? He seems close to them. And why does Seulin act like that?’
 Changmin realized they were ignoring Taecyeon and Gain. “Ah, Gain, Taecyeon, this is Jinwoon, our old friend. He used to live next to Seulong’s house.”
“Hi, I’m Ok Taecyeon.”
Gain smiled. “Hi, I’m Son Gain—“
“My girlfriend.” Kwon added as he suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist.
Seulong grinned at Kwon’s sudden over protectiveness. “Chill Kwon, it’s not like he’s gonna go after Gain.” He gave him mischievous look.

Unforgettable GIft chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: Happy Birthday, Seulin-ah!


This February was a hectic one for Seulin. Aside of being a university student, she worked for a community magazine as an editorial staff. Because of some accursed virus brought by a newbie reporter, they lost all data for the next issue. Since the next issue has to be ready before the last week of February, they had to recollect the articles. Even though it’s not a big magazine, redid things for it was exhausting.

For a while, Seulin forgot her curiosity on Seulong’s gift—and her upcoming birthday as well. She was too occupied and worn-out hence once she had opportunity to loaf at home, she would be a real lazy butt. Pity for her, Seulong was always there to nag around, like that morning.

“Seulin-ssi! Im Seulin! Seulin! Seulin-ah! Let’s go jogging!” he banged at her door. “Such a waste if you sleep at this nice weather… Come on, open your door!” he whacked the knob.

“Stay away! I’m tired, you know?!” she yelled back.

“Yah, Little One, are you yelling at me? Are you yelling at your elder brother?” Seulong played his tone. He knew Seulin hates him talking like that.

She opened it a little and popped out her head. “What do you want?”

Seulong smiled slyly. “Take a bath, dress up, and let’s go jogging.”

“Why must I take a bath and dress up if we’re going to sweat?” she folded arms.

“Because I said so.” He turned her and shoved her back to her room.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Presents

Jung Jinwoon, the son of rigid, successful businessman Jung Jihoon. Together with Jung Jinyoung, Jinwoon is one of the well-known Jung twins who earned the title Princes of Sweets in their school. Jinwoon is also the little brother of the courteous, vigorous basketball player Jung Yunho.
Along his life, people have always marked him as ‘one of Mr. Jung’s good looking sons’, ‘the younger brother of Captain Jung’, or ‘the twin brother of playful Jinyoung’. He has never mind. He loves his family. His brothers are his most precious things in the world.
But he does have this little crave kept very well at the deepest side of his heart. A yearn for being recognized not as the sibling of his brothers nor one of the Jung family’s sons. He longs someone to see him as Jinwoon, the way he is.
Today is May 2nd. The day when Jung Jinwoon officially turns another year older. As expected, people around him flood him with the predictable presents. He accepts them with opened hands and happy smiles plastered on his face, of course, as the well-mannered him. However, he braves himself to secretly wish that for a humble wee moment, his deepest thirst to be satisfied.
He doesn’t keep his hope high. He has learnt not to when it comes to this matter, and he loyally sticks to that.
Unknown to him, a pair of eyes catches that silent hope shimmers in his eyes.
Jung Jinwoon
Jung Jinyoung
Im Seulin
Jung Yunho
Lee Minyoung
Nicole Jung

Another fanfic featuring Jung Jinwoon :) With Jinyoung and Yunho as well. And still Im Seulin as the heroine, hehehe. This is more likely to be a three-shot.

Signs chapter 8

Chapter 8: Bold Signs Like This



“Can you explain why must I sing here?” Agnes stared at David with big eyes.

“Seulong’s request.” He answered shortly.

“Of all cafés in Korea, why did he choose Bishounen Café?” she whined.

“Why don’t you go ask him by yourself? He suggested nonchalantly. “He’s next door.”

She rolled her eyes as she passed him by.


Rounds of applauses were heard as Seulong and Agnes bowed.

Seulong always liked to talk to the audience at his live performance, and this performance wasn’t an exception.

“You all might have known that Agnes herself co-composed Sign. She said Bishounen Café and this song have a special story. What is it, Agnes?” he turned to her.

Agnes startled. Seulong did say at the backstage that they’re going to talk a bit about this song, but she didn’t expect he’s going to ask this.

“Well… My first live performance of Sign was in Bishounen Band’s monthly performance and I got the inspiration for Sign here. It’s mostly written here too. Actually, the Sign I made at the first time was quite different from the Sign now.” She was hesitated whether she should talk about Jinwoon or not.

“Oh, really? How is it different?”

I hate this punk. “It was kind of a song for dying people,” she laughed nervously. The visitors burst out laugh too. “And then my composer rearranged it to the Sign now.”

“I see. Ladies, the name of Sign’s composer is Jung Jinwoon. Absurdly, I found the name Jung Jinwoon too in the waiters list hanging there.” Seulong pointed the wall behind the bartender.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signs chapter 7

Chapter 7: Here Comes the Time

Time passed by quickly if you didn’t pay attention to it, Agnes thought. Her training would be over in three weeks and she would fly back to her country to promote her almost-done album. She’s excited but at the same time she couldn’t deny there’s part of herself wanting to stay in Korea.

She examined Bishounen Café closely. Jinwoon had taken her orders and would be back in ten minutes. She saw a group of teenage girls chatted and giggled over Chansung. That quiet waiter had his own charms, even though Agnes found Junho was way prettier than him. Obviously, Jinwoon was the best of all.

This café is sure very special. You can flirt with any handsome men without worrying his girlfriend would attack you. She laughed at her thought. I wonder if I could find another one somewhere else.

“What are you looking at?”

Jinwoon’s voice snapped her out. He put down her orders. And I wonder if I could find someone like you.