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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 8

CHAPTER 8:  Odd Taecyeon





“Oppa, you need to finish this. Come on, it’s just a few spoons to go…” Seulin twirled the spoon in front of Seulong’s face.


“I don’t want to~” He shoved her hand away. “You said it five minutes ago, ‘Just a few spoons to go, Oppa’; it’s not going to work again. I’m done.” He patted his stomach and stretched his body. “Ah… I feel like sleeping…”


“Yah, Oppa, I even had to agree to my group mates to do half of the History paper alone later so they would let me go here to take care of you, and now you want to sleep. How inconsiderate.” Seulin put the bowl at the table and folded her arms, pouting.


“Ah, Hyung, why do you make my Princess pouting like that? Awww, don’t worry Princess, your Prince is here~” Taecyeon, who had just entered the room, walked towards her and pulled her into his arms. “Your Prince will not let anyone hurt you~” he stroked her hair.


“YAH HANDS OFF OF MY SISTER!” Seulong shouted. He rose instantly seeing the scene, tried to separate them and whack Taecyeon, but he forgot his left leg was being hung. “AH!” He shouted again, holding onto his leg. “My leg…” he winced.


Seulin sighed seeing her brother’s impulsive action, while Taecyeon couldn’t hold his laughter, earning another shout from Seulong.


“You better stop now, Ok Taecyeon, or else, when I get out of this bed, you’ll be dead.” He threatened. “Ouch.” He cringed again.


“I’ll tell the nurse to check on your wound. It seems like you’ve just hurt it.” Seulin stood.


“Thank you, Little One, you really know me so well.” Seulong grinned ear to ear and pinched her cheeks before she went.


When it was finally only Seulong and Taecyeon in the room, Seulong’s tone turned into serious again. “Sorry I yelled at you, but you deserved it. You know I don’t let any man touch her. However, thanks for picking her up from school in my place.”


“That’s nothing, Hyung.”


“Actually I don’t care if I got into accident, but when I realize I can’t do things like picking Seulin from school or keeping her from stupid boys trying to get her if I get hospitalized, I kind of regret it.” Seulong uttered his thought.


“Don’t worry Hyung, you got me to do those favors in your place. Just say what I should do, where I should pick her up or drop her off.” Taecyeon reassured.


“You have to take care of her for me.”


“Take care of her? As in being her nanny?” Taecyeon joked and was about to laugh but stopped seeing Seulong glared. “I will, Hyung, don’t worry.” He quickly added.




Taecyeon puffed his cheeks remembering the memory of what happened few years ago. ‘Oh well, Seulong Hyung asked me personally to take care of her.’


Slowly, he took Jinwoon’s hand off Seulin and shook her body. “Seulin.” He called. “Seulin-ah, wake up.” He poked her cheeks.


After a couple minutes, Seulin opened her eyes and moved slightly, causing Jinwoon to wake up as well. “Taecyeon Oppa?” she rubbed her eyes, gaining her consciousness. “How is Seulong Oppa?”


“Dr. Kim said he will conscious tomorrow the fastest.” He answered. “I’ve told the others and I told them to go home since he won’t wake up tonight.”


“So Oppa is alright?”


“He needs to go through advance examination later.”


“But Oppa is alright, right? He’s not in danger or anything?” Seulin confirmed.


Taecyeon broke the eye contact and shifted his attention to her messy hair. He tidied it slightly. “You can say that way.”


“Thank God.” Seulin cupped her face. “Ah, right, Jinwoon, I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.” She turned to Jinwoon. “I must have made your body ache.”


“Cut the crap, Seul,” Jinwoon poked her nose with his pointed finger. “You were as light as feather.”


Taecyeon hissed silently. ‘This guy is sweet talker!’


“You should go home now, it’s already late. You have classes tomorrow, right?” she tidied her clothes.


Jinwoon nodded. He stood and took her hands. “I’ll send you home first, though. Come on.”


“Ah, no, I’m not going home… I’m staying here tonight.” She shook her head. “I want to be here when Seulong Oppa wakes up.”


Jinwoon frowned. “Then I’m staying here too.” He sat again.


“No, you don’t have to… Taecyeon Oppa will stay with me, right Oppa?” she eyed Taecyeon, asking confirmation. Taecyeon nodded in instant.


Jinwoon’s frown grew thicker. He didn’t seem to be happy with it.


“You should rest, Woon, you’re tired.” She pushed him lightly, being oblivious with the slight of unhappiness he showed.


“I can rest here, too.” Jinwoon said, trying to be stubborn.


“Woon.” She called, her brows furrowed. “Just go home. You can come here again tomorrow if you want to see Oppa.”


Taecyeon smirked. He could sense why Jinwoon didn’t want to go home. Wanted to bother him further, Taecyeon decided to do something. “Seulin-ah, wanna go grab some snacks? I’m kind of hungry now; you haven’t had dinner right?” he put on sincere hungry face.


Seulin turned to Taecyeon and looked at him for a moment, then said, “Okay.” Taecyeon had to bit his lip to suppress himself from grinning seeing unhappiness started to show clearly in Jinwoon’s face.


“Let’s go, then.” Taecyeon turned his back, starting to walk away. He knew that would force Jinwoon to leave faster.


“Wait a minute!” she exclaimed, then turned again to the tall boy who was still holding her hands. “Woon, go home, okay? Thank you for today, I’m really happy.” She squeezed his hand.


“Fine, I’m going home.” Jinwoon sighed and stood. He let go of her hands, but before she could go any further, he pulled her into a tight embrace. Seulin’s eyes widened upon his sudden act. Her cheeks blushed madly.


“I’m also very happy today.” he whispered in her ear. She shivered a bit hearing his low voice. They stayed at that position for a good minute. Seulin didn’t move even an inch as she was too shocked, while for Jinwoon, well, he was the one initiating the act.


Taecyeon couldn’t believe his eyes. His innocent little Princess Seulin, hugging with another man in front of his very own eyes… He had to fight the urge to yell and managed to stop himself from abruptly walked towards them and whack him. If they were not in hospital…


Just when Taecyeon thought he could bear seeing it, another scene came to his eyes. Jinwoon released her, and when Jinwoon and Seulin looked at each other’s eyes, he leaned in again and kissed her on the cheek.


‘He. did. not. do. what. I. saw. he. just. did.’


“I’ll see you again tomorrow morning, Seul. Bye.” Jinwoon bid his goodbye and flashed his trademark smile.


Seulin didn’t utter any words in response. She was too busy blushing. Watching Jinwoon’s back finally disappeared, she touched the cheek he kissed earlier and squealed shyly.


‘Jung Jinwoon, you’ll be dead!’Taecyeon yelled in his heart.




The weather that day was hot. Taecyeon wiped his forehead. He scanned the students walking out of the faculty main entrance, looking for the glimpse of Seulin.


‘Tell me again why I have to do this, while girls are waiting to hang out with me.’He puffed, fixing his sunglasses. He had turned the air conditioner in his car to the max, but it was only able to cool him down a bit.


“Why isn’t she coming out?” Taecyeon groaned as he tapped his fingers to the steering wheel. He heard himself that she was going to skip her classes and leave at 12 because she wanted to see Seulong. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard. 12.45. ‘Or did I miss her?’


Truthfully he didn’t know which way she would take to leave the campus. It was totally based on his random guess he parked his car by the faculty main entrance. She could have gone from the back entrance. When that thought hit him, Taecyeon let out heavy sigh.


‘And there’s a cool gadget named hand phone.’He took out his phone and dialed Seulin’s phone number.


“Seulin-ah, where are you?” he said as he was connected.


“Oh, Oppa? I’m still at my campus.”


“Where is your exact location?” he asked further, impatient.


Seulin frowned. “Why do you want to know? You want to pick me up?”


“Yes, I’m by the main entrance right now. Where are you?”


“Why do you want to pick me up? I can go by my own to hospital.”


“Just tell me where you are?” He raised his voice. He unlocked his car and stepped out of it.


“I’m walking to the main entrance; I have just passed the fountain.”


Seulin raised her eyebrow when she saw Taecyeon leaning at his car, fanning himself with his hands. “You shouldn’t wear black outfit today.” She commented. Taecyeon didn’t answer and just quickly pushed her in his car. She winced as her leg hit the door. “Yah, what’s wrong?”


Taecyeon ignored her and started the engine.


“You don’t have to take me to hospital, Oppa. Jinwoon is on his way to pick me up. We’re going together.”


Taecyeon turned to her. “Do you hate going with me that much?” he gave her puppy eyes.


Seulin sighed. “But Jinwoon is picking me up and it’s not every day I can go with him.” she pouted.


“You can meet him later… I want to go with you now.”


“You want to go with me? Do you feel lonely? Where are those girls who used to queuing for you?” Seulin mocked.


“Yah, yah!” Taecyeon glared. “Don’t talk like that.”


Seulin stuck out her tongue. “Fine… Let me call Woon first.” She took out her hand phone.




Seulin was about to text Jinwoon telling him she’d be arrived in the next five minutes when she realized Taecyeon turned to the opposite direction. “Oppa, shouldn’t you turn right instead?”


“We’re going somewhere first.”


“Where is the somewhere? I want to see Seulong Oppa soon!”


“Is it Seulong or someone else you want to see?” Taecyeon teased. “Seulong Hyung will still be lying in his room even if you visit him later in the night.”


“Tsk…” Seulin folded her arms. “Tell me where we are going or I’ll jump out of the car.”


“I’m hungry so we are going to have a good lunch at a newly opened Japanese restaurant around here.”


“You can eat at hospital canteen.”


“Not in my entire life. Their foods are horrible. You should be happy; I heard their sashimi is good.”


“I’m not into eating now. I just want to see Seulong Oppa soon.”


“We’ll see him soon after finishing our yummy lunch, okay?”


“Promise me you’ll finish your lunch fast. I have to be at the hospital before 2.” Seulin said. “Jinwoon said he’ll leave at around 2.30 because he has practice at 3.” she added in mumble.


“HA! So I was right! You rushed me not because you want to see Hyung soon!” Taecyeon exclaimed triumphantly.


“It’s not like that! Of course I want to see Seulong Oppa soon!” Seulin defended herself.


“Yeah but your main motif is to see Jinwoon, right?”


Seulin blushed. “You should watch the road while you are driving, Oppa.” She shifted topic.


Taecyeon chuckled at her. However, he listened to her and set his eyes on the road. ‘Well, it’s better for you to not see him now…’


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