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Monday, November 5, 2012

Resisting the Irresistible


Kris just can’t resist the irresistible. No matter how high he put up his guardian all this time, he just can’t win against her…


A/N: Third attempt on Kris! (But I still haven’t finished my first attempt yet ^^) This oneshot is to celebrate Duizhang's first birthday as EXO-M's leader. Happy #DuizhangKrisDay dear Li Jiaheng/K.Li/Kevin Li/Kevin Wu/Wu Yifan/Kris!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ke-yish Samchooo~n

It was Kris’ birthday. His first birthday after his marriage.
He wanted to spend it only with his wife. He even took a day off.
But a four year old toddler came into the scene and ruined his supposed to be perfect day.


A/N: This is my second attempt writing about Kris. I originally wanted to post Walking Towards Me first, but this is very tempting to be written! (Furthermore, I still have not done writing Walking Towards Me). So, I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Myungsoo's Pride


Kim Myungsoo was the most popular member of Infinite. That’s what he’d been told many times.
Girls were head over heels to him. Girls want him—but this girl ignored him.
Myungsoo was not a person with many words. But he hated silence.
So he tried to initiate the conversation.

A/N: Second attempt on Myungsoo’s oneshot! This one is short though, compared to Over the Words. And this is totally a different genre from Over the Words. This is not about Myungsoo being lovey dovey or mysterious cold boy like people often write him. I just suddenly want to write about what would happen if a celebrity ran to an ordinary person who happened to have this girl’s characteristic :D and Myungsoo is the lucky one (?) to be selected as the main character. Kidding—it’s just the celebrity character doesn’t fit Changmin, Jinwoon, or Kris lol ^0^
I hope this turns out well. Happy reading~

Sunday, June 10, 2012



A leader’s task is to protect the members.
I believe that with all my heart. So I try my best protecting my members. Though maybe my way of protecting doesn’t seem like protecting for the others.
But every road is rocky road, Changmin.

A/N: Warning! 1) This theme may be sensitive for some readers. Please take note that I don’t take side between JYJ and Homin and I am not trying to make a theory on their split. I am just trying to imagine that maybe, maybe Yunho had once felt this way. 2) This has not been revised yet. I really want to revise here and there but as I read and read again, I just can’t. So here it is, raw, as what I wrote for the first time. Pardon for any incoherent sentences and jumpy plot.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Over the Words


They have been friends since they were born. They played together, went to the same school; they practically grew up together. And they were set up to be together forever.

Both Yoohee and Myungsoo have learned that they were supposed to be each other’s spouse one day. Their parents told them about the matchmaking agreement even before they entered elementary school. The cheerful little Yoohee accepted her destiny joyfully, because little Myungsoo was the coolest boy she ever known and he always gave her a ride on his black bicycle to everywhere she wanted to go. She lived her teenager life learning the things Myungsoo likes and dislikes, how to handle his emotionless self, and practicing jokes he always laughed dryly at. She prepared herself to be his wife.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Morning Coffee


Jinwoon just couldn’t stand not bugging this girl during her special time every day.
She shoved him away like every other day (because her coffee is always way more important than him).
But today, Jinwoon decided it’s time to change the storyline of their morning routine—and put some clear lines to the state of their relationship.