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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Morning Coffee


Jinwoon just couldn’t stand not bugging this girl during her special time every day.
She shoved him away like every other day (because her coffee is always way more important than him).
But today, Jinwoon decided it’s time to change the storyline of their morning routine—and put some clear lines to the state of their relationship.

Morning Coffee

“Hello, famous Jinwoon.”

Jinwoon looked up to see a girl made her way to sit next to him with a cup in her hand. Jinwoon grinned. “Hello, beautiful.” He made an attempt to snatch the cup in her hand, and it earned him a slap on his arm.

“You don’t mess with my morning coffee, Wooniwooni.” She stuck her tongue and turned her back to him.

It was her usual routine to have a nice cup of coffee every morning in the school cafeteria before the class started. She loved coffee very much, either real coffee or instant coffee, you name it; she drank any kind of coffee existed. Drinking coffee would give her some particular contentment; simultaneously, it would boost up her mood for the day. However, it also had become a habit for Jinwoon to bug her during this special time of hers.

Jinwoon pouted. “Yah, Little One, you are so mean! Please let me take some sips~ I slept very late last night and I don’t know if I could survive Mr. Shin’s class without falling asleep.” He whined and tugged her arm continuously.

She glared at him. “You sleep late every night and you are always sleepy every day.” She reprimanded. “I don’t see the point why I should share my coffee with you.”

Jinwoon had just become the star of their university recently since he dramatically saved their varsity from losing to their arch enemy in the basketball match last month. He had joined the team ever since he was in his first year, but he had always been overshadowed by the others—whose faces happened to be more attractive to girls than him. A few days before that fateful day, he changed his hairstyle (because she challenged him to) and the style happened to bring his hidden charms out. People (girls) started falling for him right after the match and had been fangirling over him ever since—and she got pushed away.

“Because you are my Little One, and you love me so much.” He wrapped his arms around her. “Anyway, I can’t sleep early because you keep popping in my mind over and over again each time I try to doze off.” Jinwoon rested his head on her shoulder. She shrieked at this and pushed him away.

“How many times should I repeat that I don’t like being called Little One? You should know better than anyone else!” she scooted away from him and sent him dagger look.

Nowadays people would greet him everywhere he went. Jinwoon realized she was bothered by the change of treatment people (girls) giving him. He noticed she’d been throwing dagger looks and irritated faces even more often, and he knew what’s behind those. Nevertheless, he kept living the way he’d always been living it. He wanted her to know nothing had changed from him, that he’s still the Jinwoon who’s always hanging around her.

Jinwoon chuckled and shifted closer to her. He whispered in her ear oh-so dangerously. “So how do you like me to call you? Darling? Sweetheart?”

His husky voice made her shivered. She turned to face him and knock his senses back to his somehow empty-head—according to her raging mind—but he was faster, a lot faster.

In a split of second, Jinwoon leaned in and locked her lips with his, getting the taste of coffee lingering in her mouth. During that split of second, the function of her body was put into hibernation mode. Jinwoon realized this, as he flashed his famous eye smile after he pulled back.

“You drank Americano for two days in a row? Wow, that’s new.” Jinwoon commented. Some seconds after that, the bell rang. “Oh, it’s time. See you at class, Love!” He shouted as he ran to his class, leaving her who was still freezing.

It took her some more seconds to process what’s happening, and when it finally hit her, she abruptly stood and started chasing him.

People might have just discovered how charming Jinwoon was, but she had always known that he’s irresistible—and replaceable. He’s hot and odd at the same time—but she had never minded.

“Yah, Jung Jinwoon! Don’t you dare to run away!”


A/N: Yo, another Jinwoon’s story. Another too-long-to-be-a-drabble but too-short-to-be-oneshot :) Halfway doing this I’m tempted to replace Jinwoon with Kris, but I realize Kris doesn’t fit the image of full-of-smiles boy—and I just don’t have the heart to scratch out Jinwoon’s name.
Hope you enjoy this!


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