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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Midnight Coffee

A/N: A few days ago was Yunho’s birthday and a few days to go is Changmin’s birthday, but here I am presenting you a fic about Jinwoon just because I suddenly miss him so much ^^ Scratch that, this fic is to celebrate how manly Jinwoon appeared in the first episode of his WGM with Go Junhee. Oh my goodness he is such a gorgeous noona killer!

You can say this is a kind of sequel for Morning Coffee. Actually, I am thinking of doing a collection of oneshots about Jinwoon and her which involved coffee as well, but I can only think of this plot at this time. So maybe if I manage to find another plot, I will compile these oneshots into collection of oneshots. But if I can’t, I’ll just let this story the way it is now.

I hope you enjoy this~ It’s still about Jinwoon and his coffee mania girl. Some things are different as time goes by, but some things are never changed ^^

With love,