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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Over the Words


They have been friends since they were born. They played together, went to the same school; they practically grew up together. And they were set up to be together forever.

Both Yoohee and Myungsoo have learned that they were supposed to be each other’s spouse one day. Their parents told them about the matchmaking agreement even before they entered elementary school. The cheerful little Yoohee accepted her destiny joyfully, because little Myungsoo was the coolest boy she ever known and he always gave her a ride on his black bicycle to everywhere she wanted to go. She lived her teenager life learning the things Myungsoo likes and dislikes, how to handle his emotionless self, and practicing jokes he always laughed dryly at. She prepared herself to be his wife.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Morning Coffee


Jinwoon just couldn’t stand not bugging this girl during her special time every day.
She shoved him away like every other day (because her coffee is always way more important than him).
But today, Jinwoon decided it’s time to change the storyline of their morning routine—and put some clear lines to the state of their relationship.