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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Midnight Coffee

A/N: A few days ago was Yunho’s birthday and a few days to go is Changmin’s birthday, but here I am presenting you a fic about Jinwoon just because I suddenly miss him so much ^^ Scratch that, this fic is to celebrate how manly Jinwoon appeared in the first episode of his WGM with Go Junhee. Oh my goodness he is such a gorgeous noona killer!

You can say this is a kind of sequel for Morning Coffee. Actually, I am thinking of doing a collection of oneshots about Jinwoon and her which involved coffee as well, but I can only think of this plot at this time. So maybe if I manage to find another plot, I will compile these oneshots into collection of oneshots. But if I can’t, I’ll just let this story the way it is now.

I hope you enjoy this~ It’s still about Jinwoon and his coffee mania girl. Some things are different as time goes by, but some things are never changed ^^

With love,

Midnight Coffee

It’s already very dark outside, but she still didn’t budge from her seat. She stared at her laptop intently, continuously switched windows, and sometimes went back to the paper scattered on her desk to check on something and then modified the report she was making. A cup of hot coffee was left untouched on her right side. She fixed her glasses as she heaved a sigh. This boss of hers… ‘She has to get married soon,’ she thought, ‘so she will have to put her concentration on something else than work.’ It’s not like she hated her boss or her job, no. It’s just that workaholic boss of hers suddenly decided she had to present her report tomorrow while it was originally set on two days after tomorrow. She massaged her temple before continued working on her report. If it wasn’t for this report, she would probably be attending her friend’s housewarming party, sharing stories with old friends while enjoying the food. She pouted her lips.

Her work was halted by the sound of her door opening. She stared at the clock on her laptop before turning her body. 11:34 p.m. She beamed at the figure entering her room. She put off her glasses.

“Oh Wooni, you are home.” She hugged him briefly and took off his suit. “You want to take a bath? I didn’t cook anything since you said you have overtime tonight. I supposed you had dinner, right?”

“Yeah, I ate with Kibum. You didn’t go to the housewarming party?” Jinwoon eyed the piles of paper on the desk.

She shook her head and pouted. “I really wanted to go but I have to finish my report by tomorrow. Originally it is due two days after tomorrow, but you know my workaholic boss. She suddenly wants me to present it tomorrow.” She sighed. “I think I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Jinwoon pulled her into his embrace. “Oh, poor my Little One…” he patted her back. “You want me to accompany you?”

She pulled out from his hug. “No need… Just take a shower and rest, you must be really tired.” She pushed him to the bathroom and went back to her desk. His offer sounded nice, but no, she knew better that she would finish her report faster if she’s alone.

Half an hour later, Jinwoon, clad in black wife beater and white pants, watched her still working seriously on her laptop. Glasses on, brows furrowing, lips slightly pouting… He smiled in content. This hardworking side of her is one of her traits that made him fell in love with her. Silently, he sneaked towards her desk and wrapped his arms around her. She jolted a bit by his sudden back hug, but she didn’t try to pry his arms.

“Why don’t you go to bed and sleep Wooni, it is midnight already.” She said; her eyes still fixed on the screen.

Jinwoon snuggled closer to her crook of neck. “I am resting now.” he rested his chin on her right shoulder.

“Wooni, your head is heavy.” She shrugged her shoulder to brush him away. She broke her concentration from her report and looked at his eyes intently. “Jung Jinwoon, I really have to finish this report. I’m not in the mood to play—I am tired and I know you are tired as well. So why don’t you go to sleep, huh?” she coaxed him. “And aren’t you uncomfortable standing like that?” she referred to his awkward bending position. Jinwoon was very tall, so when he embraced her who was sitting, he had to bend and match his level with hers.

He pouted his lips. “But I miss you so much… I just want to be with you.” He whined like a child. “I will not disturb you, I promise. Just let me have you in my arms like this.” He showed her his pitiful eyes.

She sighed. “Okay.” She approved his request because she knew he would start a long debate if she refused it. She needed to get back to her report and she didn’t want any disturbance.

Actually, having Jinwoon’s arms around her made her felt at ease. She had been stressed by work recently. Jinwoon’s warm embrace gave her some secured feeling, as if Jinwoon was telling him that no matter what she’s going through, she had him to turn to. “Bring over that stool in the kitchen.” She nudged him.

“Why don’t I sit on this stool and you sit on my lap instead?” Jinwoon suggested playfully. His tone changed into a low, husky, dangerous one.

She could sense a mischievous tint in his eyes. “Get that stool or just go to sleep.” She scowled.

Jinwoon chuckled in defeat. As he released his arms, he spotted the cup of coffee which had cooled down. “Oh!” he pointed. “Isn’t that my coffee? The luwak coffee, the one that Changmin hyung bought for me when he traveled to Indonesia?” his eyes widened.

She cringed apologetically. Guilt was all over her face. “Yeah. I’m run out of coffee, and I really need coffee to keep me awake so… sorry I didn’t ask your permission first.” She hung her head low.

Jinwoon wasn’t a coffee mania at first, but as they spent many times together, his liking towards coffee grew and by then Jinwoon had become a coffee mania just like her. She knew how much Jinwoon treasured the luwak coffee. Luwak coffee was the most expensive coffee in the world, so he had been drinking it little by little. Moreover, it was a gift from his favorite cousin he always looked up to, Changmin.

“You drink the last remaining coffee.” He sulked. “I was going to drink it this Friday while watching Manchester United versus Chelsea match.” Folding his arms, Jinwoon turned and gave her his back.

“Oh come on Jinwoon... Don’t sulk.” She tugged at his arm. “I’m sorry, okay? Fogive me, Wooni? Huh, huh?” she tried to do aegyo to him but he only looked at her with his still pouting lips. “Next time I’ll buy you anything you want. How does it sound?” she caressed his left cheek. “Forgive me, my Wooni...” she swayed his body playfully.

“Do me a favor.” Jinwoon said in low, serious tone.

She stopped swaying him. “What? Name it.” she responded automatically.

He leaned and whispered in her ear. “Let me sit on the stool and you sit on my lap.”

She pushed him in instant and sent him annoyed look. “I’ll go get the stool in the kitchen.”

Ten minutes back hugging her and watching her working in silence, Jinwoon started to get bored. He couldn’t start a conversation with her because he knew she wouldn’t answer him. Besides, he had promised he wouldn’t disturb her. He felt sleepy, too. However, he didn’t want to go to bed yet. They had been busy these weeks so they didn’t get to spend much time together. He didn’t care if he was caught sleeping at the office the next day; he just wanted to be with her at that time.

His wandering eyes were suddenly set at the cup of cold luwak coffee. Finally decided to disturb her a little bit, he took the gray cup and drank half of it. That earned him an automatic yell and slap on his shoulder from his Little One.

“Yah! What are you doing?! Why do you drink my coffee?”

“That was my coffee.” Jinwoon corrected her nonchalantly.

“Jinwoon, you know I need that coffee to keep me awake so I can finish this report!” she was getting pissed at him. She knew that it’s Jinwoon’s nature to be playful and he’s really keen to make her getting on her nerves. But that night she just couldn’t play along with him.

“Well, if I can keep you awake, then you will not need this coffee, right?” he wiggled his brows mischievously.

Seeing playful Jinwoon was set to on mode made her even more upset. “You, keep me awake? How? What do you plan to do to keep me a—YAH!” she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Jung Jinwoon had just finished the remaining coffee in the cup.

She snapped at him. “YAH! How could you—” She couldn’t finish her words.

Why? Because her lips were locked.

By his lips.

She felt him nibbled her bottom lip. As she opened her mouth a bit, she felt his tongue danced with hers, transferring the bittersweet coffee to her.

Suddenly she felt an all too familiar sensation—the way her body function body was put into hibernation mode… How could she ever forget that tingling feeling that slowly crept into her heart and body?

‘Some things are never changed.’ She thought. Jinwoon’s kisses still had warming effect to her. Though she had shared many kinds of kisses with him, all of them had this certain power that would make her at loss of words.

Jinwoon slowly pulled back from her who was still in daze. His lips curled into smile watching the freezing woman in his arms.

‘Some things are never changed.’ He thought. She would always blush furiously after every kisses they shared. Looking at those love emitted dimly from her eyes, he couldn’t help but wanting to keep her in his arms forever and never let her go.

He rested his forehead on hers. “You’ve just got your coffee, are you awake now?” he asked in that low, husky tone. Seeing her still hadn’t come to her consciousness, Jinwoon decided to tease her further.

“Or do you need something stronger to keep you awake?” he slipped a hand under her T-shirt and caressed her back and he earned a hard push from her.

“YAH JUNG JINWOON!” her face was beet red. She felt hot and started fanning herself.

“Ah why?!” he complained. “Am I doing anything wrong? I’m just touching my wife, for god sake, am I forbidden to do that?”

“Yes! I mean, no, of course you can, but then again… But still, you shouldn’t do that!” she couldn’t make a coherent sentence. She didn’t know how to handle this. She desperately needed to finish her report as quick as possible, but in the other hand she couldn’t deny she missed him so much and the fact that his simple kiss had triggered something more complicated in her came to alive…

“You know what; I think I’ll just finish my report in the living room, so you can turn off the lamp and sleep.” She abruptly stood, collected the paper and took her laptop.

“Hey, hey, you’re going to leave me here in this cold room alone? Really? How could you?” Jinwoon exaggerated a plea.

“Wooni, please… I will not be able to finish it if I stay here with you any longer.”

Her beg made him grinned. He knew it was the sign for him to stop. “Okay, I know. Sorry for delaying your work. Good luck, Little One.” He kissed her cheek. “I’ll wait for you on the bed, okay?”

Some things in life are never changed. Jinwoon and she knew for sure, one of them is their love for each other.


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