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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signs chapter 7

Chapter 7: Here Comes the Time

Time passed by quickly if you didn’t pay attention to it, Agnes thought. Her training would be over in three weeks and she would fly back to her country to promote her almost-done album. She’s excited but at the same time she couldn’t deny there’s part of herself wanting to stay in Korea.

She examined Bishounen Café closely. Jinwoon had taken her orders and would be back in ten minutes. She saw a group of teenage girls chatted and giggled over Chansung. That quiet waiter had his own charms, even though Agnes found Junho was way prettier than him. Obviously, Jinwoon was the best of all.

This café is sure very special. You can flirt with any handsome men without worrying his girlfriend would attack you. She laughed at her thought. I wonder if I could find another one somewhere else.

“What are you looking at?”

Jinwoon’s voice snapped her out. He put down her orders. And I wonder if I could find someone like you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Overprotective Seulong

Seulin threw her body on her bed. Her eyebrow furrowed. The fact Seulong has found his gift this year boosted up her curiosity. ‘What kind of gift is it? Why did he prepare his gift so early?’ Thoughts bombarded Seulin’s brain. Seulong didn’t spill any clue even though she nagged at him along the way to his class after their lunch. Even when she said she’s gonna destroy his motorcycle key (which she stole from his room while he was taking a bath), Seulong zipped his mouth up. All he did were ruffling her hair and giving her his sly smile.

She put her hand on her neck and touched the necklace that has been hanging there for six years. It was Seulong’s gift for her 12th birthday. It has Saturn pendant. Oh yes, it’s the same Saturn necklace as Doumyouji Tsukasa gave Makino Tsukushi in Hanayori Dango. Seulin was a big fan of Hanayori Dango back then, and she kept saying Doumyouji Tsukasa is her ideal type. So Seulong decided to give her the highlight of the drama, the Saturn necklace. However, because the way Doumyouji gave the necklace to Makino wasn’t romantic at all, Seulong imitated the way Dao Ming Shi gave meteor necklace to San Chai in Meteor Garden. He imitated it precisely. Well, of course he took out all the mushy mushy things. However, it’s still too touchy for a girl to forget.

“Miss, dinner is ready.” One of their maids knocked on her door.

“Coming.” She tidied her clothes before leaving her room. Her eyes widened seeing the number of people sitting on the dining room. ‘Wow, another feast.’ Certainly, her super busy parents weren’t there.

“Seulin! Sit next to me.” Gain patted a chair in her left.

“Do we have something to celebrate, Onni?” Seulin asked as she sat.

“Yes, today is Kwon and Gain’s 100 day celebration.” Changmin said as he entered dining room with plates on his both hands.

Get Married, Dara! chapter 7



Jiyong and Park siblings arrived an hour later. His parents came with them too. They went directly to emergency room. Five minutes waiting in despair, a nurse came out. Dara stood up and walked up to her.

“How is she going? She’s alright, isn’t she?” Dara pestered her with questions.

“I’m sorry, it’s not my authority to inform you about Mrs. Park condition, but please, be sure our doctors inside are trying their best to help her. All we can do is pray for her safety.” She bowed slightly. “Now, if you excuse me.” She left.

Sanghyun stared at Dara with teary eyes. Dara patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Hyun-ah. Mom is gonna be alright.” She pulled him into her embrace. “She is tough, there’s no way she can be easily beaten by this.”

Jiyong stared at her. She was clearly trying to sound strong. Jiyong could see the girl who cried in her arms years ago. The quiver in her voice… She’s absolutely the same vulnerable girl trying to hide behind that stubborn petite body. Suddenly Jiyong felt the urge to wrap his arms around her and take over all of her wearies. Of all things in the world he hates the most, it is to see her beautiful eyes get teary. He’s willing to do anything to keep them shining. He doesn’t mind if that means having her looking irritated at him all day long.

No one came out of the door for the next couples of hours. Jiyong’s mother fell asleep on his husband’s arms. Sanghyun spaced out on Jiyong’s right, while on his left, Dara clenched her fists tightly.

Jiyong offered a glass of hot chocolate to Dara. “Here, Nuna. You haven’t eaten anything since the morning.” He turned to his right and offered Sanghyun another glass of hot chocolate. “You too, Sanghyun.”

Sanghyun muttered thanks and finished it in one shot. Dara ignored Jiyong’s hand and didn’t budge at all. Jiyong reached her hands and wrapped them around the plastic glass. “Drink it, Nuna. Aunty won’t like you to be sick.” Jiyong begged softly.

“Nuna, what if… What if Mom can’t make it?” Sanghyun asked in low voice.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Park Sanghyun!” Dara hissed in fury. “Mom is gonna be alright, you heard that nurse said they’re trying their best. Mom will never leave us, you gotta keep that in mind!”

“I was just trying to be realistic, Nuna…” Sanghyun said in the same weak voice. “What if she’s going after Dad…”

“She will not leave us!” Dara yelled frustrated. Her body was terribly shaking.

Jiyong held her hand and patted her back. “Calm down Nuna, calm down…”

Dara shook even more terribly at his soothing.

Minutes later, a doctor with tired face showed up. “Excuse me, are there any of you Mrs. Park’s children?”

Dara stood abruptly. “Yes, we’re her children. How is she doing?”

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Same as You

For all ChangU shippers out there :) Enjoy!


Thump, thump. Thump, thump.
IU buried her head under the pillow. She’d been tossing here and there on her bed for almost an hour.
She sighed. She had used up her precious resting time, which she rarely got to spend by sleeping in her comfortable small room, by flooding her mind with things she shouldn’t think about. Things that even though she thought about until her head exploded wouldn’t earn her more resting time between her astoundingly extra tight schedules nowadays. Things that… oh, why should she thought about that?
IU stretched her body, opened up one of her eyes. Her sight fell to her cell phone out sticking out under her pillow. ‘Maybe some music will distract me,’ she thought, but she was wrong. As soon as she touched the display, the petite gadget flashed the picture of her and that person from that occasion.

MC Lee Hwijae positioned Changmin and IU so they stood facing each other. The other Heroes casts couldn’t stop praising them.
“Oh, how pretty…”
“Totally cute!”
“They really match each other, don’t they?”
Lee Hwijae took the bouquet from IU’s hand, and positioned it between IU’s and Changmin’s faces. IU held her smile, waiting for the moment the eyes met.
“One, two, three!”
In instant, as Lee Hwijae moved the bouquet, Changmin gazed straight into IU’s eyes. Still maintaining her smile, IU also locked her eyes on his, looked into his eyes deeper. The corner of Changmin’s lips curled up, his eyes started creating his well-known mismatched formation. In less than five seconds, he cut the eye contact and hung his head low, laughing nervously. IU couldn’t forget the way he looked at that time. Also the one when the photo shoot began. One of the poses inquired Changmin to clutch IU’s hand and pretend as if he’s going to kiss it.
“Changmin-ah, the way you do it, it looks like you’re going to smell it.” the photographer in charge commented.
His grip began to loosen as his whole body shook as result of restraining laughter. For a moment, his feather-like grip felt like being a conductor for some electrical currents poking IU’s nerves. IU swore for a split of second, she saw those mismatched eyes reappeared. For that split of second too, the muscles of her heart seemed like forgetting how to beat.

IU let out heavy breath. It’s not the first time she involved in such situation with male idols. Changmin wasn’t the first. Seulong, Wooyoung, and Lee Joon had been her partners. She had through the phases of jumping up and down when a girl gets too close to a handsome young man idolized by the whole country.
The first time Seulong threw his arms around her in their Nagging performance, IU thought she was spelled the Petreficus Totalus as Hermione once spelled to Neville in Harry Potter—she couldn’t remember the volume. Her vocal cord was almost unable to reach the correct tone without any trembles after in a performance in December Seulong out of blue pulled her into his embrace.
She was almost being immune with the delay of oxygen supply to the earth or any other organs because her heart dropped in nearly all of her Dream High scenes with Wooyoung. She was about to be convinced her legs were made of plastics when she had to do the kissing scene with Wooyoung.
She could described in detail how the heart of a girl would pound crazily when being caught staring a young man, only in wife beater, exercising. About how she’s touched because the young man used her name in a unique way while confessing to her. Though they were all parts of My Heart Beating’s scenes, she had to admit she was totally captivated by his always shining eyes during the shooting. His comical expressions often made him looked like a muscle idiot, but those foolish smiles had never missed to make IU’s heart wanted to escape from its place.
But those men had never made IU lost her beautiful sleeps for weeks. None of them had ever continously filled her head and pushed her to surf the internet only to find her pictures with that man.
Except the tall man with the mismatched smile, who is adored by hundred thousands fans of a boyband with the biggest number of official fanclub members in the world.

Unforgettable Gift chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Seulong The Hero
"Are you ready sainan datte mo… Sweet sweet sou let's go no sain..."
Seulin opened one eye and shot an annoyed look at her phone. The loudest song of Arashi, Troublemaker, had been Seulin's alarm these months. It's 5 a.m. in the morning. She remembered the reason why she set alarm this early. Gaining her consciousness, she walked to the bathroom and washed her face. Felt refreshed, she started her notebook and proceeded to do the task.
15 minutes sitting on her desk, the Microsoft Word she opened was still blank. She scratched her head. “Aish… why must Mr. Jung gives us this kind of task? Doesn’t he know this theme is too boring to be developed as an essay?” she grumbled.
Seulin scanned all her old documents in her laptop, thinking she might get inspiration. She paused a while on the file named 'hero essay.doc', before decided to give it double click. Reading the title, her memory went back to high school time.
"Class, I’m sorry I've got to go. Principal out of sudden called all teachers for a meeting." Miss Han packed her stuffs.
"That's okay, Miss! We don’t mind at all!" Students started cheering for the sudden free period.
"Promise me you won't make noise and none of you will go out of this class before the bell rings."
"We promise~" Big grins plastered on the students’ faces.
Miss Han hesitated a while. "You know, I think I have to give you a task to do."
"NO!" The whole class hummed at once.
"I know, I know you don’t like it… Easy, it's not going to be a difficult one. All you have to do is write an essay in English within 500 words. It's really a short one."
The hum became louder. "What is the theme of the essay, Miss?" someone raised her hand.
She thinks a while. "Hmm, who is the one you considered as your hero? That's the theme." Miss Han has left the class when her head popped again at the door. "Collect it when the bell rings, don't forget." She ignored the commotion caused by her words to spot the class leader in the corner of the class. "Jung Jinwoon! Put your friends' work on my desk later, okay? If you don’t submit your work today, I'll make you write 50,000 words essay about our school. In English of course. Got it?"
"Yes, Miss…" The hum changed into murmurs as her head disappeared.
In the back of the class, Seulin opened her book. She thought for a while then started writing. In ten minutes, she has reached 322 words. Jinwoon looked at her book with disbelief.
"I don’t know you are THAT good in writing essay." He pouted as he looked at his. His was still 131 words.
Seulin smiled sheepishly. "It’s not like that… I like the topic, and the next thing I know, my hand moved on its own." She shrugged.
"Who are you writing about?" Jinwoon asked curiously. Seulin handed over her book.
His eyes widened reading the title. "'My Guardian Angel, Im Seulong'?! Your hero is Seulong Hyung?"
Seulin did nothing but smiled more sheepishly.
She closed the file. Her desktop showed a picture she has never changed for 7 years. It was taken by her teacher after her class won basketball match in class meeting event. She looked at the figure standing next to her. He was full of sweat. His white T-shirt, his black hair, even his face, all went wet. Seulin remembered she gave him the towel that was hung on his neck. His smile was the broadest among the others, causing his slanted eyes to form a line. Unconsciously, she caressed it.
“Long time no see… How are you now?”

Get Married, Dara! chapter 6






Days went by without Dara realizing the next day would be Christmas. She had just realized when she heard the news on television talking about people preparing their Christmas. Sanghyun was enjoying his coffee while watching the news. Dara looked around to find her mother, but she was nowhere to be seen.


“Hyunnie, where’s Mom?” Dara asked rubbing her eyes. She woke up late this morning.


“She went to the market. She said she missed something for her special food’s ingredients.” Sanghyun said without taking his eyes off the TV.


“What’s her special food this year?” Dara poured water to her glass and drank it. Their mother likes cooking, but since she doesn’t have enough time to elaborate her cooking in weekdays, she decides to cook ‘special food’—food she had never cooked before—every Christmas or other holiday.


“Don’t know, but it has octopus in it.”


Dara was fully awakened hearing the word octopus. “Really?”


Sanghyun nodded. “I saw octopus in the refrigerator.”


“Wow, I wonder what has gotten into Mom. She cooked octopus quite often these days, don’t you realize it?” she said as she fit herself next to her brother on the sofa.


“Of course, and I thank you for that.”


“Me? Why?” she asked in confusion.


Sanghyun turned to face his sister. “Oh, you don’t recognize it? She is luring you so you’ll agree to get married with someone from those set ups.”


Dara felt dumbfounded. “Dang, Mom.”


Her brother chuckled at her. “Hey, I’m curious too. Why don’t you just get married? Some men from those set ups are good, to be honest. I like that Taeyang guy.” He confessed.


“I haven’t met someone matches my preference yet.” Dara shrugged.


“Oh, really?” he asked in mocking tone. She looked at him questioningly.


“Come on sis, you haven’t met ‘someone matches your preference’?” Sanghyun made quotation mark with his fingers.


She tilted her head. She still didn’t get what her brother meant. He laughed at her dumbfounded expression.


“You like him, don’t you?” he shot her.

Signs chapter 6

Chapter 6: Are you brokenhearted?

Jinwoon suddenly became even busier after that Bishounen Band’s performance. He spent more times together with Agnes. David and the producer of Agnes’ new album watched his duet with Agnes and were satisfied. They decided to include that song in the album. Jihoon and David agreed adjusting Jinwoon’s shift to Agnes’ practice and recording schedule.

This busy feeling was new for him, but he enjoyed it very much. He liked music very much and he had been dreaming to be a real singer. Another reason he hadn’t fully realized: he had used to hang around Agnes that he started to feel uncomfortable if he hadn’t seen her for a day.

He began to hate Wednesdays and Thursdays because she never visited Bishounen Café on those days due to her practice schedule and he couldn’t visit her either since he had full classes till afternoon and night shift at Bishounen Café. Junho and his fellow friends often teased him as they found him unconsciously prayed for Mondays coming sooner because he’d spend almost all the day with Agnes.

She might be a girl who’s unable to start conversation with people she didn’t really know, but once she felt comfortable with someone, she would be a very good companion. He figured that out after several times going out with her. Instead of being a knight who protects and does all the hard things for the princess, Jinwoon felt he had found a match partner when she’s by his side.

He didn’t know whether he were over Aya or not. People said first love never dies. However, her absence in his life didn’t feel like a big loss anymore. He didn’t feel any sting when he heard David said she had flown to her country to take care things for her wedding.

“Jinwoon, listen this.” Agnes pulled out an earphone to him when he served her order. “Something’s not right, but I can't figure out what it is.” She said. “Ah, so frustrating, I’ve been working on this song since yesterday that I’m lacking sleep.” She leaned back.