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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Overprotective Seulong

Seulin threw her body on her bed. Her eyebrow furrowed. The fact Seulong has found his gift this year boosted up her curiosity. ‘What kind of gift is it? Why did he prepare his gift so early?’ Thoughts bombarded Seulin’s brain. Seulong didn’t spill any clue even though she nagged at him along the way to his class after their lunch. Even when she said she’s gonna destroy his motorcycle key (which she stole from his room while he was taking a bath), Seulong zipped his mouth up. All he did were ruffling her hair and giving her his sly smile.

She put her hand on her neck and touched the necklace that has been hanging there for six years. It was Seulong’s gift for her 12th birthday. It has Saturn pendant. Oh yes, it’s the same Saturn necklace as Doumyouji Tsukasa gave Makino Tsukushi in Hanayori Dango. Seulin was a big fan of Hanayori Dango back then, and she kept saying Doumyouji Tsukasa is her ideal type. So Seulong decided to give her the highlight of the drama, the Saturn necklace. However, because the way Doumyouji gave the necklace to Makino wasn’t romantic at all, Seulong imitated the way Dao Ming Shi gave meteor necklace to San Chai in Meteor Garden. He imitated it precisely. Well, of course he took out all the mushy mushy things. However, it’s still too touchy for a girl to forget.

“Miss, dinner is ready.” One of their maids knocked on her door.

“Coming.” She tidied her clothes before leaving her room. Her eyes widened seeing the number of people sitting on the dining room. ‘Wow, another feast.’ Certainly, her super busy parents weren’t there.

“Seulin! Sit next to me.” Gain patted a chair in her left.

“Do we have something to celebrate, Onni?” Seulin asked as she sat.

“Yes, today is Kwon and Gain’s 100 day celebration.” Changmin said as he entered dining room with plates on his both hands.

“No! Oppa, why do you say that?” Gain whined.

“Hyung, you cooked all these?” Kwon stared at the food starving.

“Shifting topic, Kwon?” teased Taecyeon.

“Is it?” Too lazy to count by herself, Seulin confirmed to her brother sitting across her. Seulong nod slightly. She turned to Gain. “Onni, congratulations! Be happy and stay together for 100 years! Get married soon!” she said brightly. Gain turned red.

“Hey, if it’s true, why are we here? Won’t we celebrate it by ourselves?” Kwon retorted.

“Yah, what is it we celebrating, actually?” Seulin got confused. She approached Changmin. “Oppa, ask the maids to bring the foods, don’t carry them by yourself.” She said, stopping Changmin from returning to kitchen. ‘What’s the use of maids, then?’

Changmin messed her hair. “I don’t allow anyone presenting my cook.” He smiled and shoved her away. “Now sit down and be a good girl.”

Changmin and Jo Kwon had been friends with Im siblings since they were toddlers because they lived on the same road. Young Seulong once broke his legs in an accident, so young Changmin and young Kwon often came over to play or have meals together. The habit got permanent until they’re grown. Changmin and Seulong went to the same high school. Taecyeon and Gain were their friends from acting class, and later joined the pack. Being the youngest, Seulin was always the target of their pranks.

“Seulin, you’re now a university student, right?” Taecyeon asked as he moved to sit on her left.

Seulin furrowed. “Just say it, you want to say something right?”

Taecyeon grinned. “Will you help me, please?” he shifted closer.

“Help you what?” She sensed something fishy in his question.

“There’s a party this Friday, and… will you accompany me there?” he took her hand. “Please, Sweetie?” he pleaded.

“Yah, are you flirting to my sister?” Seulong raised from his seat and smack Taecyeon’s head.

“Ouch! It hurts, Hyung!” Taecyeon rubbed his head. “I’m not flirting; I only ask if she wants to accompany me to the party, that’s all.” He defended himself. He turned to Seulin. “So, Sweetie, do you want to be my escort? Please…” he gave her his puppy eyes.

“Where is the party? Who throws it? When will it start? When will it finish? Who else are invited?” Seulong asked curiously. If it’s about his Little One, he has to know EVERYTHING.

“Oh Hyung, I’m asking Seulin to go with me, not you.”

“Who says you can ask her go with you without my permission?” Seulong shot Taecyeon death glares. The rest of them—except Taecyeon—laughed. Seulong is always an overprotective brother for Seulin. Changmin had bad experience with his over protectiveness. When Seulong and he were in senior high and Seulin was in junior high, a girl in their high school happened to like Changmin very much. Changmin was the one who spoiled Seulin the most and they’re really close that he often hugged her every time he felt like it. Then one day Seulin met the girl while waiting for Seulong and Changmin at their school gate. The girl and her gang threatened her to stay away from Changmin and almost slapped her. Seulong appeared just in time and he slapped the girl back. If it wasn’t Changmin stopping him, Seulong would have beaten her and her gang up. After Seulong found out Changmin was the indirect cause of that incident, Seulong somehow treated Changmin coldly before Seulin forced them to make up.

“It’s Junsu’s. Starts from 7 p.m. till drop. Basically he invites all his friends, but they should come in pair. It’s ridiculous how he makes it couple’s party just to show that—“ Taecyeon explained.

“Where will it be held?” Seulong cut in low, firm tone.

Taecyeon paused, somehow looked burdensome. “In a bar not far from my campus.” He lowered his head.

“No.” Seulong answered without thinking. “A big no. No way.” He shook his head and made X sign with his hands.

Taecyeon grunted. “Please, Seulin… I really need your help… please…” he begged her. Seulin’s face softened seeing his puppy eyes.

“A face like yours should have girls swooned at you. Why do you want Seulin?” Changmin butted in.

“That’s why! If I ask them, they will assume I want to have relation with them and so… They’ll stick to me and only God knows what they can do to me. They sure will cause big troubles later.” Taecyeon sulked.

“What makes you think asking Seulin won’t cause you big trouble, huh?” mocked Seulong. “Bar is never a place for a girl like her!”

During that time, Seulin didn’t say any word. Well, she truthfully wanted to go with Taecyeon but in the other hand, she understood her brother’s worries.

“Fine, you can ask Gain to go with you.” Seulong offered a solution.

“Nooo!” Jo Kwon screamed. He hugged his girlfriend tight instinctively. “Hyung! How can you say that?!” he shot Seulong death glares. Everybody laughed.

“I think it’s okay Oppa, please let me go with Taecyeon Oppa.” Seulin said at the end.

“No way. You don’t know how dangerous a bar for a girl like you.” Seulong insisted.

“I know, but there’s Taecyeon Oppa to protect me, I will be okay…” she pleaded.

“Because it’s Taecyeon, I have more worries. If it’s Jinwoon, then I’ll give you permission right away. Jinwoon will really take care of you, not wander around for pretty girls like someone.” Seulong stuck out his tongue to Taecyeon. Seulin felt her stomach suddenly filled with butterflies.

“I don’t wander around, Hyung.” Taecyeon pouted. “Oh come on, Seulong Hyung! Seulin is big girl, she’s 2nd year in university, for God sake!”

“Yeah, let her go for this time, Ong. Don’t worry, Kwon and I will go to the party too so I can keep an eye on them.” Gain reassured.

“Onni will go too?” Seulin turned to Gain. Gain nodded.

“Well Hyung, now that Gain Nuna and Kwon will go too, will you let Seulin go? Please?” Taecyeon gave him his puppy eyes.

Seulong snorted at him. “Fine.” He still looked uneasy to let her go. “But bring her home BEFORE 9 or else I’ll KILL you.” He emphasized on the word ‘before’ and ‘kill’.

“Ah, thank you Sweetie, I love you…” Taecyeon embraced Seulin who giggled in his arms. Seulong stood up right away and smacked him again.

“Do not hug her as you want!”

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