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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Seulong The Hero
"Are you ready sainan datte mo… Sweet sweet sou let's go no sain..."
Seulin opened one eye and shot an annoyed look at her phone. The loudest song of Arashi, Troublemaker, had been Seulin's alarm these months. It's 5 a.m. in the morning. She remembered the reason why she set alarm this early. Gaining her consciousness, she walked to the bathroom and washed her face. Felt refreshed, she started her notebook and proceeded to do the task.
15 minutes sitting on her desk, the Microsoft Word she opened was still blank. She scratched her head. “Aish… why must Mr. Jung gives us this kind of task? Doesn’t he know this theme is too boring to be developed as an essay?” she grumbled.
Seulin scanned all her old documents in her laptop, thinking she might get inspiration. She paused a while on the file named 'hero essay.doc', before decided to give it double click. Reading the title, her memory went back to high school time.
"Class, I’m sorry I've got to go. Principal out of sudden called all teachers for a meeting." Miss Han packed her stuffs.
"That's okay, Miss! We don’t mind at all!" Students started cheering for the sudden free period.
"Promise me you won't make noise and none of you will go out of this class before the bell rings."
"We promise~" Big grins plastered on the students’ faces.
Miss Han hesitated a while. "You know, I think I have to give you a task to do."
"NO!" The whole class hummed at once.
"I know, I know you don’t like it… Easy, it's not going to be a difficult one. All you have to do is write an essay in English within 500 words. It's really a short one."
The hum became louder. "What is the theme of the essay, Miss?" someone raised her hand.
She thinks a while. "Hmm, who is the one you considered as your hero? That's the theme." Miss Han has left the class when her head popped again at the door. "Collect it when the bell rings, don't forget." She ignored the commotion caused by her words to spot the class leader in the corner of the class. "Jung Jinwoon! Put your friends' work on my desk later, okay? If you don’t submit your work today, I'll make you write 50,000 words essay about our school. In English of course. Got it?"
"Yes, Miss…" The hum changed into murmurs as her head disappeared.
In the back of the class, Seulin opened her book. She thought for a while then started writing. In ten minutes, she has reached 322 words. Jinwoon looked at her book with disbelief.
"I don’t know you are THAT good in writing essay." He pouted as he looked at his. His was still 131 words.
Seulin smiled sheepishly. "It’s not like that… I like the topic, and the next thing I know, my hand moved on its own." She shrugged.
"Who are you writing about?" Jinwoon asked curiously. Seulin handed over her book.
His eyes widened reading the title. "'My Guardian Angel, Im Seulong'?! Your hero is Seulong Hyung?"
Seulin did nothing but smiled more sheepishly.
She closed the file. Her desktop showed a picture she has never changed for 7 years. It was taken by her teacher after her class won basketball match in class meeting event. She looked at the figure standing next to her. He was full of sweat. His white T-shirt, his black hair, even his face, all went wet. Seulin remembered she gave him the towel that was hung on his neck. His smile was the broadest among the others, causing his slanted eyes to form a line. Unconsciously, she caressed it.
“Long time no see… How are you now?”

Of all her classes, this class is her least favorite. The subject is originally boring, and why should add a professor who lectures the board instead of his students. The sun shone too brightly outside. Lacking of sleep because of her essay, she felt the urge to close her eyelids for a while. Her head was already on the table since 10 minutes ago, and with cool breezes from the air conditioners, she couldn’t keep her eyes opened for the next 5 minutes. She wasn’t the one doing that. Half of the class has lost their consciousness to deep slumber, while the other half trying their best to manage their head up and eyes wide open. Ironically, the teacher seemed didn’t mind. It was as if he was in the class only to fulfill his duty to deliver the lectures and wouldn’t care if none paid attention.
Seulin must have had daydream if she didn’t feel her phone vibrated. Eyes half opened, she answered it lazily. “Hello?”
“Are you sleeping now? Aren’t you supposed to be in class now? Tsk tsk, I don’t know my Little One has decided to follow my path.” The man on the other line chuckled.
Hearing that voice, Seulin gained her consciousness in a flash. “Seulong Oppa?” She sat properly at her seat. “I am in class now… How can you think I’m gonna take your path?”
“Well, if you are in class, then you are not supposed to be able to talk to me right now.” Seulong laughed loudly.
Seulin felt a big bang hit her head. “I know… But everyone’s sleeping here now. This class is totally boring.”
“Then wouldn’t it too obvious that you are answering a call in class?”
“I’m in the last row, for your info. Yah, did you call just for talking such a waste?” she snapped out.
“Oh yeah, almost forgot. Have any plans this lunch?” he asked.
“I don’t think I have one.”
“Good. Let’s go have lunch together. Let's meet up at 12.”
“Okay.” She was ready to hang up but he said something.
“Oh, Little One, don’t continue your sleep. Although it’s deadly boring, you should give some respect to your professor by at least let your eyes open.”
“Oppa, you sound like a straight-A student.” She teased.
“Well, I always pay full attention on classes I attend.”
Seulin can't help but laughed. “Yeah, yeah…” she said between her laugh, “you’re the best straight-A student I’ve ever met.”
Since it was lunchtime, the campus’ cafeteria was filled with hungry people. Lucky for Seulin, her brother who is much free in his fifth year has occupied a table for them before people started flooding the small building. It took her a little effort to find him among the crowds.
“Over here, Little One!” Seulong waved his left hand.
“How can you eat ice cream before having lunch?” Seulin shook her head in disbelief seeing an almost finished ice cream cone in his right hand.
“An ice cream cone will never full anyone, you know?” He eaten up all the ice cream left. “Oh yeah, will you be okay with bibimbap only? I didn’t bring enough money today.” He pointed to the foods on the table and grinned.
Seulin rolled her eyes. “So, what’s up with this sudden together lunch?” she asked as she feed herself. She quickly answered her own question as she remembered something. “Ah, it’s February now, isn’t it? It must be your observation time!” she exclaimed.
Seulong puckered his brows. “Observation time?”
“Yeah.” Seulin nodded. “For years, sometimes in February you will stick up with me and ask about things. I guess it has something to do with your ideas of your extra ordinary birthday gifts.”
“I did? Wow.” Seulin shocked seeing Seulong answered nonchalantly. “Well, I don’t need to observe you this year.” Seulong sipped his drink. “I’ve found it.”
Seulin raised her eyebrow. “Found what?”
“Your extra ordinary birthday gift for this year. Ah, no, it’s your unforgettable gift.” He smiled mysteriously.

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