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Monday, August 29, 2011

Unforgettable Gift chapter 7

CHAPTER 7: As Usual…?
Mrs. Im folded the newspaper she had been reading and tossed it away. Furiously she grabbed her phone and dialed her son’s number.
“Yoboseyo?” he answered lazily. From the background sound, Mrs. Im could tell he was riding his motorcycle.
“Yah Im Seulong, you still go racing, huh?” she blown up.
“You call me just to yell at me?” his voice was annoyed. “I thought I told you I will never quit racing.”
“I thought I told you for thousands times, I don’t care if you go racing or not as long as you don’t appear on newspaper!” she barked. “What’s this; citizen reported a group of adolescents doing wild race on the northern part of the city. Police are currently investigating and a son of a well-known, top millionaire is one of the suspects.” She spat out the news.
“Why are you so sure it is me?” he yelled back. “Oh, how rich are you and dad that you both can be included in millionaire class?” he mocked.
“Now you are my mother? Then you should know better I have never raced on the northern.” Seulong rolled his eyes.
“How could I give birth to a son like you?” Mrs. Im sighed exasperatedly. This son of hers always has ways to counter back her words.
“I didn’t ask to be born, either.” With that, Seulong hung up.
“How dare he hang up on me?” Mrs. Im placed her phone back frantically.
She could never understand her delinquent son. He skipped classes, his scores were only good enough to pass to next level, he spoke back to her and his father, he joined motorcycle club and raced wildly. He refused his father’s order to work at the company and even dared to stand against him. The two has been involved in cold war ever since.
Im Seulong had no good points at all in his mother’s eyes. Nothing of him could be proud of.
Mrs. Im sighed. She had no idea how to handle her son anymore. She only hoped he would marry a decent woman from rich family. ‘He still has a worth, at least.’
She was about to get down to her business again when her phone rang. ‘Seulong,’ her display said. ‘What does he want after hanging up on me like that?’ “Yoboseyo?”
“Excuse me Madam; are you the mother of this number’s owner?”
Mrs. Im frowned. “Who is this?” she asked suspiciously.
“I’m a medical staff of Seoul Hospital. The owner of this phone was involved in an accident and is rushed to Seoul Hospital. I’m supposed to inform his family or relatives.”
Mrs. Im’s eyes widened. “My son involved in an accident?”
“Yes, Madam.”

“Where do you say he was taken?”
“Seoul Hospital, Madam.”
“Okay, I’ll be there soon. Thank you.” Mrs. Im ended the call and immediately made another call.
“Go to Seoul Hospital now. A medical staff has just informed your brother involved in accident.” She explained in a short, clear sentence.
“What?” Seulin asked, almost yelled.
“Inform me later about his condition.”
“How could—“ Her mother had hung up before she could said her question. Seulin sighed. She turned to Jinwoon. “Woon, are you okay if we cancel the dinner?”
“Something happen?” he sensed he would hear something not good.
“As usual,” she sighed, “Oppa got into an accident.”
“Seulong Hyung?” Jinwoon was surprised; more because of her nonchalant tone while saying it than the news itself.
“Yeah.” She shrugged. “He said he wouldn’t race on my birthday. Well, I guess he’s changed.” She looked disappointed. “Can you take me to Seoul Hospital?”
“Of course, you don’t have to ask me that.”
“I’m sorry we have to cancel our dinner because of my foolish brother.” She bit her lip.
“Hey, don’t talk like that about him. I’m fine, okay?” he squeezed her hand gently and flashed a smile. Seulin smiled back weakly.
Taecyeon almost jumped when Changmin told him Seulong got into accident. He immediately took Jea from her porridge shop and drove right away to Seoul Hospital. Along the way to the hospital, Jea couldn’t stop worrying and continuously blaming herself for picking on a fight against him earlier, making Taecyeon more anxious.
“Hyung will not go racing on Seulin’s birthday. He promised her that, and I’m sure that he will not break it off.”
“That’s the point, Taec…  He didn’t speed up, but maybe he was too furious with my words so he couldn’t concentrate and lost control…” Jea covered her face. “This is all because of me!” her voice started shaking.
“Stop it, Nuna, don’t make me more anxious.”
“What if something happen to him? Aaah~  I can’t imagine… Seulin will never forgive me…”
“Stop it, Nuna, for God’s sake!” he glared her. ‘Oh God, why did I pick her up earlier?’ She’s really too much at times, just like what Changmin said.
Changmin, Jo Kwon and Gain have arrived when Taecyeon and Jea got there. Jea hurriedly ran into Gain’s arms.
“Gain-ah…” she whimpered.
“Onni..?” Gain raised her eyebrows as she embraced the elder one. Jea started sobbing.
Changmin and Kwon shot a questioning look to Taecyeon. The playboy rolled his eyes and shrugged. He was about to explain when his eyes caught something interesting: Seulin walked towards them, hand in hand, with the so-called Jung Jinwoon.
“Changmin Oppa, how is Seulong Oppa?” she asked. She tilted her head in confusion seeing Jea sobbing in Gain’s arms. “What’s wrong with Jea Onni?”
Jea lifted her head from Gain’s embrace and turned to embrace Seulin. “I’m so sorry Seulin, I know I don’t even deserve your sorry, but I don’t know what else—“
“Hang on there, Nuna,” Taecyeon cut Jea before she started her whimpers. “You better control yourself before you got the other misunderstand. This Nuna over here is overly panicked that Seulong Hyung’s accident was indirectly caused by her.” He began to explain. “She pissed him off earlier at her porridge shop and made him left in furious. She thought he was so furious that he lost control over his motorcycle, so he got into this accident.”
Jea stopped sobbing and pulled away from Seulin, but she didn’t let her go. She still clutched to her left shoulder. Taecyeon noticed the fingers of Seulin’s left arm were still laced with Jinwoon’s.
“You underestimate Seulong, Nuna. I may not really know about that world, but I know Seulong is a good racer—he is not just an ordinary.” Changmin commented.
“But why was Oppa pissed off? What did you talk about?” Seulin asked curiously.
“Chansung called, telling him Chocoball wanted to race against full-team One Day.” Changmin answered.
“Which he rejected, of course, without thinking twice.” Taecyeon added quickly. “He would never break his promises to you, I swear.”
“I told you so, didn’t I?” Jinwoon commented on Taecyeon’s sentence softly, almost unheard by the others.
Seulin shrugged and sighed. “The odd thing is the medical staff called Mom instead of me—I mean, every time he got into accident, whether it’s big or not, they would always called me since I’m #1 in his speed dial.”
“Why don’t we stop speculating, and just wait for the doctors to tell what exactly is happening to Seulong Hyung? Speaking about doctors, we better wait for them coming in sitting position rather than standing like this. This is exhausting.” Jo Kwon whined.
Taecyeon looked through his old gallery photos, killing his time. The doctors still hadn’t come out. He scratched his hair. ‘Waiting is not fun.’
Jo Kwon, Gain, Changmin, and Jea left for dinner a couple minutes ago. Taecyeon didn’t join them half because he didn’t feel like eating that night and the other half because he didn’t want to leave Seulin alone with Jinwoon, though he had to involve in another almost-fight with Jea first.
Two seats away from Taecyeon, Seulin was sleeping; her head on Jinwoon’s shoulder, his arms around her, and his head on top of hers. The two slept oh so soundly. Taecyeon had done a lot of more intimate poses with other girls; however, seeing Seulin and Jinwoon like that didn’t feel right for him.
Taecyeon walked towards them, putting off his leather jacket and was about to put it on Seulin when he heard a door flung open.
“Anyone here is the family or relative of Im Seulong?”
“Yes, it’s me.” Taecyeon walked back to the door. “Hello, Dr. Kim.” He greeted one of the most beautiful doctors in Seoul Hospital.
 “Oh, hello, Taecyeon. So today is only you, eh? Where are Seulin and the others?” Dr. Kim asked friendly. The quite young doctor had been Seulong’s doctor for years.
“The others are having dinner. Seulin… she’s sleeping over there.” Taecyeon nodded to the sleeping figure of Seulin and Jinwoon.
Dr. Kim’s eyes widened. “Ah, so she has got a boyfriend now?” he smiled. He also knew the fact Seulong being over protective on Seulin.
Taecyeon laughed it off. He didn’t feel like answering that question. “So, how is Seulong Hyung’s condition?”
“Ah, yes, about that… Can we talk in my room?”

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