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Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Presents

Jung Jinwoon, the son of rigid, successful businessman Jung Jihoon. Together with Jung Jinyoung, Jinwoon is one of the well-known Jung twins who earned the title Princes of Sweets in their school. Jinwoon is also the little brother of the courteous, vigorous basketball player Jung Yunho.
Along his life, people have always marked him as ‘one of Mr. Jung’s good looking sons’, ‘the younger brother of Captain Jung’, or ‘the twin brother of playful Jinyoung’. He has never mind. He loves his family. His brothers are his most precious things in the world.
But he does have this little crave kept very well at the deepest side of his heart. A yearn for being recognized not as the sibling of his brothers nor one of the Jung family’s sons. He longs someone to see him as Jinwoon, the way he is.
Today is May 2nd. The day when Jung Jinwoon officially turns another year older. As expected, people around him flood him with the predictable presents. He accepts them with opened hands and happy smiles plastered on his face, of course, as the well-mannered him. However, he braves himself to secretly wish that for a humble wee moment, his deepest thirst to be satisfied.
He doesn’t keep his hope high. He has learnt not to when it comes to this matter, and he loyally sticks to that.
Unknown to him, a pair of eyes catches that silent hope shimmers in his eyes.
Jung Jinwoon
Jung Jinyoung
Im Seulin
Jung Yunho
Lee Minyoung
Nicole Jung

Another fanfic featuring Jung Jinwoon :) With Jinyoung and Yunho as well. And still Im Seulin as the heroine, hehehe. This is more likely to be a three-shot.

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