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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love in the Ice

WARNING: This drabble contains a sensitive theme for TVXQ fans.

The weather was hot. I went to the nearest cold beverages machine. I got two cans as Changmin wanted one. Then I saw him.

He’s walking to the machine too. I examined his figure. He gained more weight.

He froze ten steps away from me.

His player yet warm look then removed by an awkward one. I swore, our fans would still be swooned even with that face.

I didn’t expect to meet him here. I knew he’s in Korea to film, but I didn’t know the set was around here. We’ve never been able to wander around without guards even with disguise--or are they able now?

None of us said a word. We were in awkward silence until Changmin came whining.

“Hyung, where’s my--“ he also frozed seeing him. “Yoochun hyung…” he said faintly.

“Oraenmanieyo.” Yoochun bowed slightly.

Changmin and I bowed back. “Oraenmanieyo.”

We haven’t seen each others for months and all we said was only ‘long time no see’. One could tell how much I wanted those precious times back.

No bashing if you don't agree with the way I describe this, please. This is because I believe if they do meet again in real life after the whole things happened to them, they most likely will be awkward.

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